Living City

The Living City will integrate nature into the very fabric of urban planning, defend trees, plants, animals, rivers and greenspace and solve challenges by working with – not against – nature.

Active City

The Active City will build safe streets for all users, ages and abilities; focus on moving people, not just cars, and connect communities with world class transportation.

Renewable City

The Renewable City knows that 100% renewable energy is 100% possible; says “no” to new fossil fuel infrastructure, and creates clean energy jobs.

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Generation Climate: Youth Climate Ambassadors Kick-Off Event!

Ecology Ottawa’s Youth Climate Ambassadors program kicks off on March 27th with “Generation Climate” at the Shaw Centre!

Draft budget 2019 – What does it mean for Ottawa’s environment?

Draft budget 2019 – What does it mean for Ottawa’s environment?

Climate change a key point of discussion at today’s city council

On January 30th, City Council met for the first time in 2019. Climate change was a key issue of discussion in two debates, setting the tone for the potential of ambitious climate action.  In what is normally a rubber-stamp procedure…

Ottawa municipal elections – All-candidates’ survey

Ecology Ottawa has issued a list of sixteen survey questions covering four main issues: climate change action (Renewable City), building safe and healthy streets (Active City), protecting Ottawa’s greenspace and watersheds (Living City) and waste management.

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Ecology Ottawa is a volunteer-driven, grassroots environmental organization working to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada. Your donation today will be used to fuel our campaign initiatives and help maintain an office where our volunteers and core staff can meet…

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Volunteer with us

Volunteers are the driving force behind Ecology Ottawa! Ecology Ottawa is volunteer driven. That means what we get done gets done mostly by volunteers, and because volunteers have helped decide on Ecology Ottawa’s priorities. We depend on volunteers to get…

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