Living City

The Living City will integrate nature into the very fabric of urban planning, defend trees, plants, animals, rivers and greenspace and solve challenges by working with – not against – nature.

Active City

The Active City will build safe streets for all users, ages and abilities; focus on moving people, not just cars, and connect communities with world class transportation.

Renewable City

The Renewable City knows that 100% renewable energy is 100% possible; says “no” to new fossil fuel infrastructure, and creates clean energy jobs.

Latest posts

Reducing Ottawa’s carbon pollution and preserving our urban green space: A balancing act

Ottawa’s population is increasing, and like all growing cities, we face an inherent tension between preserving our living environment and meeting the needs of the human population. Like other cities – especially North American ones – Ottawa has a long…

Eco Gala 2020 — Save the Date!

Join us this November for a digital gala experience.

You’re invited! Cumberland Ward Environment Debate

All candidates who responded to our questionnaire are invited to participate in an online debate on environmental issues.

Hold the Line: A campaign to stop urban sprawl

The new Official Plan is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the city to hold the line on sprawl

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2020 Tree Giveaways

Please note that we have had to put the Tree Distribution Program on pause this year due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, we have no free trees to distribute at this time. That being said, we were able to launch our very…

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Ecology Ottawa is a volunteer-driven, grassroots environmental organization working to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada. Your donation today will be used to fuel our campaign initiatives and help maintain an office where our volunteers and core staff can meet…

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