Cyclists and Pedestrians Unite!

Ottawa has a Riverkeeper to keep our rivers clean and healthy, so why shouldn’t we also have a Pathmaker to do the same for our streets? It’s a sad fact. ...


FREE TREES on National Tree Day

Happy National Tree Day Ottawa!  Today is a day where Canada has put aside time and space for us to appreciate the great wonder of trees. Trees do so much ...


Ecology Ottawa’s 9th Annual Eco Gala!

Join us for Ecology Ottawa’s 9th annual Gala Dinner on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at the St. Elias Banquet Centre to celebrate the active environmental community in Ottawa and the ...



Trudeau needs to stop Energy East pipeline reviews and overhaul NEB

Over 50 organizations from across Canada, including Ecology Ottawa, call on PM ...

Energy East: Unnecessary Risks for Exaggerated Problems

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers argues that Canada urgently needs more ...

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Restorations Map – Adopt a Street

Turn your street into a Complete Street. Click on the map to see if a street in your neighbourhood is planned to undergo major construction!

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Celebrating the Champlain Oaks Project: Riverine Forest Gets New Trees

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, Riverine Forest was the site of an important urban tree planting project. Riverine Forest is a small woodland located on the edge of Champlain Park in the Westboro neighbourhood of Ottawa.  Residents and volunteers from the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA), with the support of the National Capital Commission (NCC), […]

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Why do we need a Pathmaker?

Why this position at this time? Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit, grassroots and volunteer-driven organization working to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada. We have been working on sustainable transportation for five years through advocacy on issues like complete streets, light rail, bike lanes, street design, accessibility and funding for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. […]

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Trees Cooperate and Communicate on the Forest Internet

  Trees have an internet all their own.   Hidden deep under those tree trunks is an intricate communication system with hubs and networks.   But this internet is not a place of selfies and cat videos, it’s a complex system of cooperation and sharing.  Suzanne Simard, a professor and professional forester at the University of British […]

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The Summer of Consultations: Ottawa and the Theatre of Listening

Last spring, the Premiers of the country met in Vancouver. The meeting led to the Vancouver Declaration on Clean Growth and Climate Change. This meeting was the follow-up to the government committing to 1.5 degrees’ maximum of global warming in Paris, last fall. In Vancouver, the federal government decided to set up a public consultation […]

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March TSOR

Welcoming the March to Save our Rivers

(Le français suit) Join Ecology Ottawa on Saturday, August 20th at Major’s Hill Park at 2:30PM to welcome the March to Save our Rivers organized by STOP Oléoduc Outaouais! The marchers will be entering the City of Ottawa and head to Parliament Hill, having marched for 6 days, all the way from Saint-André d’Argenteuil, along […]

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Conversations about pipelines at Bytown Day; a volunteer’s experience

I began an internship with Ecology Ottawa just over a month ago working on data management and communications. This position means that I spend all of my time in the office and not exactly at the forefront of the three campaigns, like our campaign leads, interns and volunteers. However on the Monday of the August […]

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#Goals: Grow an Old Growth Forest in Your Backyard

Imagine if you could say, “In the next 10 years, I will grow an established 100 year old forest in my backyard.”  Seems like an outlandish idea, especially if you live in the downtown area.  But Shubhendu Sharma, an entrepreneur and forest facilitator, does just that.  He’s helped plant 75 thriving forests in 25 cities […]

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oil spill

Lessons from Life: Why I joined Ecology Ottawa

I first came to know about Ecology Ottawa when I was looking for summer internships, and I mean, what better way to profess my love to the environment by joining the Ottawa city renewable team! My passion for the environment sparked during the BP oil spill. The spill caused a lot of harm to the […]

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New Technology to Change Climate Change

In recent weeks climate change have been shown by heatwaves (more than 50C) in Iraq and India (Paul Rogers, 2016). Climate scientists have already warned about global temperature disruption. Measures have been taken and many states participated in the Paris climate summit in December. It was agreed that a limit of 1.5C should be reached […]

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Orleans Climate Town Hall Meeting: Progress Being Made Within Imperfection

On Wednesday, July 20th, the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orléans hosted the last of Ottawa’s Canada Climate Action consultations. With over 100 people filling the room, Ecology Ottawa volunteers hurried to get extra chairs into the tightly packed room. The consultation started with brief presentations by Orleans MP Andrew Leslie and MPP Marie-France Lalonde: they […]

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