In 2010, Diana spoke with CBC Radio about the importance of trees, you can listen to the interview here.

In February 2012, Trees Ontario released A Healthy Dose of Green: A prescription for a healthy population, which “highlights the direct links between the natural environment – especially trees and forests – and human health. These links include the physical, physiological, and rehabilitation benefits of forest environments, the physical activities they promote, and the many ecosystem services they provide.”

Trees in the city mitigate the effects of climate change, contribute to water retention, add beauty to our urban landscapes and provide us with food, shade, recreation, and noise barriers. They reduce the amount of dust and pollution in the air and replace them with sweet fragrances and fresh oxygen. Urban trees are homes to a multitude of animal species, supplying food, shelter and habitat year round. Trees are significant and integral components of our urban ecology. Caring for our existing trees and planting more trees will benefit all of us.

In recent years, however, trees have been under attack, by invasive pests like the Emerald Ash Borer, by the effects of climate change, drought and severe storm events, as well as by the increasing number and scale of urban developments that replace natural, treed landscapes with pavement and buildings. It is more important now than ever before that we value the trees in our urban landscape and work to increase their numbers and prevent further degradation of this valuable natural resource.


hh_logoA social enterprise launching this (fall 2012) harvest season, Hidden Harvest Ottawa will support our urban orchard by connecting tree owners with volunteer harvesters and community agenHidden Harvest Ottawacies who can make good use of the bounty. They will be selling fruit and nut trees for planting this fall to keep on doing their good work.

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