Plant a Tree


The City of Ottawa has a number of tree planting-related initiatives that may be interest to you, including:


The Glebe Report has published a terrific centrefold piece on native trees to plant this spring, along with a list of local Ottawa nurseries. Have a look here: Ecology in the Glebe. Thanks to Angela Keller-Herzog for this contribution!

Native Tree Species Recommended for Planting in the Ottawa Region:

MISSING DOCUMENT Native Tree Species Recommended for Ottawa Region-V7-25March2014-Cdl


ffAoly2qThe Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) has a variety of tree-related initiatives, including:

  • Green Acres Reforestation Program: In partnership with the City of Ottawa, RVCA works with rural land owners to identify empty, idle fields to transform into thriving, green woodlands
  • Shoreline Naturalization ProgramRVCA offers advice and hands‐on guidance to waterfront property owners interested in enhancing or naturalizing their shoreline
  • Carbon Neutral Program: RVCA calculates the amount of carbon produced and then plant native tree seedlings for your family vehicle, for your community event, or small business fleets to offset some or all of the carbon which is produced by living and working in the Rideau Valley
  • Butternut Recovery ProgramWith the help of numerous partners, RVCA is locating healthy mature Butternut trees and planting vigorous Butternut seedlings through a regional Butternut Recovery Program.


5 Comments on “Plant a Tree

  1. If the plan is to plant millions of trees why are you limiting the trees to only front yards?….I am sure many homeowners such as myself would gladly plant a free tree in out backyards.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you! If you already have trees in the front yard or if your for t is small like a pie lot, why not offer the trees for backyards too?

  2. Good afternoon Peter and Queade,

    Tree Ottawa is not trying to limit where the million trees will be planted, we would love you to plant trees in your backyards! This post was meant to inform Ottawans about programs that are available from the City where you can get FREE trees. Tree Ottawa does not have the funds to purchase trees for everyone, and would like to let people know what all their options are.

    If you would like to know more about where you can find trees, or how you could get more involved with the Tree Ottawa initiative, please visit; . You never know, we may have a community group already active in your neighborhood!


    Velta Tomsons
    Tree Ottawa Organizer

  3. Sounds good…so now how do I put in a request for a tree to plant in my backyard ?

  4. How do I find out what types of trees are available. I can’t see to find the info anywhere on the Ottawa website.

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