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If you have landed here after finding a loonie with our decal on it and typing in the indicated link, you just demonstrated that the campaign works!

What this is about

In 2013, TransCanada announced they intended to build North America’s biggest tar sands pipeline, Energy East. The proposed $5 billion project would run from Alberta to New-Brunswick, sending 130 million litres of oil a day through the city of Ottawa, crossing the Rideau River.

The pipeline will put the Ottawa River, the Rideau River and our drinking water at risk in the event of a serious oil spill.  It also undermines Canada’s capacity to do its fair share to fight climate change. It’s bad for our city and bad for our climate.

Click here to find out more about the Energy East pipeline and why we oppose it.

The Loonie Campaign

This campaign aims to increase awareness about these dangers by distributing hundreds of thousands of loonies with a clear plastic decal with the link. Inquiring minds, like you, will check out the website and learn why we so strongly oppose this pipeline and why they should be concerned.

Applying the decals is not defacing currencypipeline logo, as the decals are not permanent, easily removable, leave no trace and do not prevent the use of the currency. Dogwood Initiative successfully conducted a similar campaign in 2008.

Help us getting the word out by ordering your own strip of decals and put them on your loonies!

Get the word out, order your Loonie decals! 

There are other ways in which you can help keep Ottawa free of tar sands bitumen.

  • Sign our petition!
    • This not only lets politicians know this is a serious issue, but lets us stay in touch with you. Distribute it – talk to friends, colleagues, or neighbours about the issue, and get them to sign!
  • Donate! 
    • We’re giving the decals away, but your donation helps cover printing cost and keep the campaign going longer, insuring its success!


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