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On October 5th Ecology Ottawa and the Council of Canadians released a report that shows how Energy East is great risk to Gatineau and Ottawa drinking waterClick here to read the key facts of the report.

In 2013, TransCanada announced they intended to build North America’s biggest tar sands pipeline, Energy East. The proposed $5 billion project would run from Alberta to New-Brunswick, sending 130 million litres of oil a day through the city of Ottawa, crossing the Rideau River.

Within days, over 1,000 people signed our petition to say no to this pipeline. Since then, thousands of people joined us at events across the city and over 8000 have signed the petition to demonstrate their opposition.

Why Energy East is a bad idea

Map Original

The proposed pipeline path through Ottawa.

At Ecology Ottawa, we’ve worked for years with thousands of residents to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada. All that work is threatened by the proposed Energy East pipeline.

If there were even a single spill, it could devastate aquifers, poison our city’s water supplies, shut down the Rideau River all the way downtown, even affect the health of our city’s residents.

Even if a spill never happened, we know this project is meant to allow the Alberta Tar Sands to expand. This means more greenhouse gases, and more climate change impacts and goes against any efforts to address climate issues. That’s a certainty.

This pipeline is bad for our city and bad for our climate. We say no to tar sands passing through Ottawa.

Please help us keep the 613 Tar Free.