Not Just Trees to be Cut in the New Year

With the 2014 budget pending approval at next week’s City Council meeting, the Environment Committee’s focus during their November 19th meeting was the draft operating and capital budget for the upcoming year.  Councillor Maria McRae, alongside of Staff, began with…

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Laurier Avenue Bike Lanes Come One Step Closer to Being Permanent

Councillors on the Transportation Committee discussed and ultimately passed a motion (ITEM 2) that would make the segregated bike lanes a permanent feature of LAURIER AVENUE WEST on July 5th, 2013. There were many documented improvements in the area as a result…

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The Battle for Elgin Street Sidewalks- Patios, Pedestrians, and Motorists

The Transportation Committee discussed creating patios at 216, 292, 296, and 360 Elgin Street (Item 7) on June 5. While these proposed patios on Elgin Street would undoubtedly enliven the city street, they would also limit sidewalk space available for…

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