Terry Fox Park Planting – Come Plant Trees!

Terry Fox Park was once a park filled with luscious trees, but unfortunately the city was forced to clear cut trees due to the Emerald Ash Borer. This is why we need your help! Come out to the Terry Fox…

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General Burns Community comes together to talk trees!

On February 24th, residents of the General Burns neighbourhood came together to learn more about plans to plant new trees in General Burns Park in the autumn of 2015. A few months ago, community association board member Margaret Sambol reached…

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Native Tree Profile #2: Eastern White Pine

By: Owen Clarkin and Elizaveta Lisovskaya Eastern White Pine is noted for its beauty, height, and historical significance. The tree has a distinctive growth habit, with usually a single straight trunk and wide-spreading horizontal branches; in maturity the crown becomes irregular,…

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