Starting the New Year with a Splash: 2014 ORAP Update

Tuesday, February 18th marked the first Environment Committee meeting of the new year, with the Ottawa River Action Plan (ORAP) Annual Update as the main agenda item for the day. Before getting to the ORAP, however, the meeting began with…

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Not Just Trees to be Cut in the New Year

With the 2014 budget pending approval at next week’s City Council meeting, the Environment Committee’s focus during their November 19th meeting was the draft operating and capital budget for the upcoming year.  Councillor Maria McRae, alongside of Staff, began with…

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Council Watch on Seven Percent Increase in Water/Sewer Rates

By Jesse Baker The Environment Committee meeting held on February 19 primarily served as a discussion of the proposed seven percent increase in 2013 water and sewer rates. The meeting began with a presentation of the city’s proposed 2013 and…

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