TransCanada’s Incomplete Application to the National Energy Board Provides More Evidence For What We Already Knew

TransCanada did not include a feasibility study and has no plan for how the Energy East Pipeline will cross the Ottawa River. It’s now mid-May and, just days after the National Energy Board received the 38,885-page application from TransCanada, there’s…

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The New Kinder Morgan Pipeline Has Been Approved but the Fight Is Not Over

The National Energy Board approved a new Kinder Morgan pipeline which would run through Alberta and British Columbia and this, unfortunately, comes as no surprise. The NEB has proved time and time again that it is out of touch with…

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Why the City of Ottawa Can – and Should – Take Action on the Proposed Energy East Pipeline

At Ecology Ottawa, we’ve already heard from numerous residents in the City of Ottawa who are concerned about the proposed Energy East pipeline that would bring at least 1.1 million barrels-per-day (over 130 million litres) through the boundaries of the…

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