Depave Paradise in Pictures

St. Anthony Catholic School has a typical urban schoolyard. It is mostly crumbling pavement with a grove of mature trees in the middle, providing shade for the school’s 128 students. In the mid-1990s, the school actually won an “Ugliest Schoolyard”…

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Depave St. Anthony – Ottawa Citizen Coverage

Depave Paradise has completed the final stage of the St. Anthony schoolyard project! With the help of many dedicated volunteers, we tore up 100 square metres of asphalt from the schoolyard and planted native plants. This action was taken to…

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Successful Depave at St. Anthony

  Huge thanks to everyone who helped make Depave Paradise 2015 a success! This Saturday, June 20th a team of more than 30 community volunteers tackled the tearing up around 900 square feet of asphalt at St. Anthony Catholic School….

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