The Water-Energy Nexus

Acidic water and corroded pipes conspire to leak the equivalent of 2,888 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of Cape Breton’s treated water into the ground every year before it reaches its intended customers – that’s a 40 per cent leakage rate….

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Creating a Culture of Water and Energy Efficiency

The Ecology Action Centre in Halifax, NS, recently released the report “Creating a Culture of Water and Energy Efficiency in Nova Scotia Communities”. With contributions from several Ecology Ottawa Water Team members, the report describes water consumption, water leakage, and…

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Wetlands: A Vital Component of Ottawa’s Water Environment Strategy

“The once seemingly separable types of aquatic ecosystems are, we now know, interrelated and interdependent. We cannot expect to preserve the remaining qualities of our water resources without providing appropriate protection for the entire resource.”[1] The Critical Value of Wetlands…

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