Get Involved

Alone or in a group, many citizens are carrying out inspiring actions to help with the move towards sustainable diets. Here are some ideas for spreading the movement:

Get Informed

Dig deeper and learn more about the livestock and agriculture industries, sustainable diets, and everything you can do to help with this issue!

Raise Awareness

Share information with the citizens of your municipality or neighborhood. This is the first step towards mobilization!

  • Spread the word! Share your concerns with your family, colleagues and friends. Forward them articles and reports you find interesting by email or via social networks.
  • Distribute leaflets to publicize the issue. Contact Ecology Ottawa to receive free material, or print copies of our leaflet from home in colour or black and white.

Organize Events

Do you feel ready to add a little more energy? Nothing beats in person actions! Here’s how you can organize some events:

  • Organize a conference, a roundtable, a coffee meeting or a workshop. Contact Ecology Ottawa for more information;
  • Start a citizen advocacy group in your neighborhood;
  • Share some of the detailed resources we have provided on our Additional Resource page or schedule a public viewing of one of the videos or movies listed there.

Influence Others:

Make your voice heard! Use the media to convey your message and contact your elected representatives. You can:

  • Participate in public consultations related to food issues;
  • Write to your Municipal Councillor, your provincial representative or your federal Member of Parliament to encourage them to push for government action;
  • Feed the debate! Publish an open letter to the media and comment online on National Food Policy and Canada Food Guide articles;
  • Attend meetings of your municipal council and committees (alone or in a group);
  • Contact local organizations to inform them about the issue (conservation organizations, unions, agricultural federations, environmental groups, etc) and ask whether they are would be interested in passing a motion at their decision making bodies to address it. Think also to explore beyond the natural supports for a wider radiation (public health, nurses’ associations, school boards, etc); 
  • Invest in sectors that reflect your values ​​with Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). Ask your investor or investment fund how they are investing to promote sustainable diets.