Promising Practices: Individuals

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Promising Practices: Municipalities – Blind River

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Promising Practices: Municipalities – Ottawa

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Collaborate with Ecology Ottawa to Create Energy Efficiency

May 24th, 2011 (Ottawa) – Ontario’s micro feed-in tariff program provides an unprecedented opportunity for everyone to become generators of clean electricity. Ecology Ottawa and the Tucker House Renewal Centre are hosting a workshop tonight for those who are interested in installing solar panels, either individually or with others in the community. This workshop provides an opportunity to learn about how you can install solar panels under the microFIT program.

When: Tuesday May 24th, at 7 p.m.

Where: Ron Kolbus Centre, 102 Greenview Ave, come learn

Building Community Power with Ecology Ottawa in Nepean

“Building Community Power” is a program to foster leadership on clean energy in Ottawa’s communities. The program is hosting meetings and workshops across Ottawa over the course of two years, currently in Ottawa’s west end. Church groups, schools, community associations, and businesses are learning about how they can play a role in the clean energy future. Many are teaching others about the importance of clean energy and putting up solar systems to lead the way.

With Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act, there exists an unprecedented opportunity right now to shift energy systems to clean ones. Everyone has a role to play and the Building Community Power project is helping communities become clean power havens!

Media are invited to attend the community meetings and workshops. Details are included below:

  • May 27, 7-9pm, Trinity Church, 1099 Maitland Ave
  • June 7, 7-9pm, First United/ All Saints Anglican Church, 347 Richmond Rd.
  • June 8, 7-9pm, Beaverbrook Community Center, 2 Beaverbrook Road

For more information, contact JANICE.ASHWORTH@ECOLOGYOTTAWA.CA


Local Group Launches Unprecedented Ad Campaign to Protect Ottawa-Area Clean Energy Jobs

Ecology Ottawa wants Ontario’s political leaders to come clean about their long-term energy strategy

May 16, 2011 (Ottawa) –  Ecology Ottawa launched an unprecedented advertising campaign today to draw attention to the clean energy jobs that are being created in Ottawa and to call on Ontario’s leaders to come clean about their long-term energy plans for the province. Over the next week, roughly 100 radio ads will run on two Ottawa-area radio stations, and the campaign will be extended to other stations and local newspapers in the weeks and months to come. This is the first time that a local environmental organization has launched a radio and print advertising campaign to highlight the value of jobs associated with the growing clean energy sector in Ottawa.

“Ontario’s clean energy policy is putting people to work across the City of Ottawa,” said Graham Saul, Chair of Ecology Ottawa. “The province is on track to phase out dirty coal, meet more of our energy needs with renewable energy, and create tens of thousands of clean energy jobs in the growing solar, wind, small-hydro and biogas industries. We are running the ads because we want to do our part to keep the province moving in the right direction.”

The 30 second radio ads, which will start running today on Lake 88.1 and 1310 News, express concern that Ottawa area jobs will be “taken away because some politicians may not like solar power.” The ads ask: “Do they like dirty coal?”

“Politicians should come clean about their long-term energy strategy and avoid ill-conceived announcements that will kill renewable energy initiatives in the Ottawa-area and put thousands of people across the province out of work,” said Graham Saul. “Ontario needs clean energy jobs, not more dirty coal.”

The ads are being launched by Ecology Ottawa in cooperation with other organizations involved in the website, and Ecology Ottawa is also holding events across the city to help people save money through energy efficiency and invest in clean energy opportunities. This week’s events include a workshop on May 17 at 7pm at the Ron Kolbus Centre where participants will learn 25 low cost ways to save 25% on their energy budget, and a community meeting on May 17 at 7pm at the First United/All Saints Anglican Church in Westboro, where community members are invited to learn about opportunities to generate solar power. For more information on Ecology Ottawa’s work to promote clean energy in communities across the city, see:  HTTP://WWW.ECOLOGYOTTAWA.CA/COMMUNITY-ENERGY/



Clean Energy Petition Show of Support at City Hall

March 8, 2011 (Ottawa) – Ecology Ottawa is mobilizing citizens citywide to attend the Special City Council meeting related to Budget 2011happening in Andrew S. Haydon Hall today in a show of support for the organization’s Clean Energy Petition.

As of today, 1,750 Ottawa citizens (representing every Ward in the city) had signed the Clean Energy Petition, which says:

“We, the undersigned, fully support clean energy in Ottawa. We recognize that investing in clean and efficient energy systems is about saving money and doing the right thing at the same time. With this in mind, we call on Council to invest in the health and prosperity of our city and to make clean energy a funding priority during the upcoming budget debate.

We call on our Mayor and all City Councillors to use Budget 2011 to show financial and political support for renewable energy production— such as solar panels on municipally-owned buildings—energy efficiency improvements to social housing, a program to leverage community investment in renewable energy, as well as incentives to ensure more green buildings are built in Ottawa.”

Ecology Ottawa supporters will don green hard hats to signify our desire for the city to commit to clean energy and the creation of green-collared jobs.

Media are invited to attend the event and photo opportunity at City Hall. Details are found below:

What: Clean Energy Petition Show of Support

Where: Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave. W. (Lisgar Street entrance)

When: 12:15-12:45 p.m.

As well, please find the event agenda below:

12:15 p.m. — Individuals assemble at Lisgar St. entrance to City Hall (at Cartier St.)

12:25 p.m. — Brief remarks from Ecology Ottawa

12:30-12:45 p.m. — Individuals wearing green hard hats silently walk into Council Chambers and respectfully watch the proceedings for 15 minutes*

* Though we will be silent, and will in no way interrupt the proceedings of the City Council meeting, dozens of people walking into the Council Chambers and sitting together (while wearing the green hard hats) is an action that will surely get the attention of City Council.

– 30 –


A Low-Income Housing Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program for Ottawa

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Pay as You Save (PAYS) Financing of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Building Improvements in Ottawa

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Annual Report 2010

Voting Green, Voting Grey – Ecology Ottawa 2010 Council Watch Report