Green Infrastructure Petition


Ottawa is facing more severe weather. To develop a more resilient city, we need green infrastructure implemented at scale.

We know the City of Ottawa is leaning in the right direction, but we need to show officials how important green infrastructure is to the residents of Ottawa and demand they do more. The reality is, if we don’t speak up and tell our representatives what we want, the work won’t get done.

Through petitions we bring our voices together and demonstrate to our elected representatives how important these issues are.

“Flooding and severe weather events are happening in Ottawa more frequently than in the past. It’s more important than ever before that the City of Ottawa adapt to climate change by systematically scaling up the development of green infrastructure – living and built systems designed to slow down, soak up and filter rainwater. The City has the tools they need to do this, but the speed of climate change means we need to quickly move beyond pilot projects to widescale implementation.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Ottawa to prioritize green infrastructure development so that we have a healthy, environmentally rich and climate-resilient city.”

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