Get Involved – Biodiversity Resources

2020 is the year for nature and Ecology Ottawa has launched a Biodiversity Campaign! We are calling on the City of Ottawa to champion biodiversity by implementing a systematic way of monitoring and reviewing our shared urban biodiversity. Learn more about the campaign and sign the petition by clicking here.

This is a big job, and the City can’t do it alone. In addition to our petition Ecology Ottawa is calling on you to help by championing biodiversity! In order to help community members do this, we have compiled some resources for you to check out below:

Ecology Ottawa’s Biodiversity Campaign:


  • What is a BioBlitz? It’s a specific time and place to get outside and record all the living things you see! These observations can be uploaded to iNaturalist database and will help us better understand Ottawa’s biodiversity!
  • What is iNaturalist? It’s an app that allows users all around the world to record and share the nature they encounter.