Annual Events

EcologyOttawaAnnualDinnerEvery year Ecology Ottawa holds three annual events.

Earth Day Party

Protecting the environment is a lifelong commitment, but it’s important to take a step back and celebrate our wins every now and again! Ecology Ottawa’s Earth Day party is one of our annual fundraising events. Held on, or around April 22nd, this is a party for environmental enthusiasts to come and celebrate all the awesome work being done in Ottawa. There are drinks, music, and door prizes! We’ll be posting information about this year’s Earth Day party soon, so stay tuned!

Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale

What started as a humble fundraiser in 2008, has grown into a carnival unto itself that community members look forward to each year. Now over a decade old, the Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale has become one of Ecology Ottawa’s flagship annual events. We’ll post information here about this year’s event shortly!

Eco Gala

Each year, Ecology Ottawa is host to a Gala Dinner to bring the environmental community together to celebrate the movement here in Ottawa. This event is also our single largest fundraising activity. Want to know more? We’ll post the event info here, so check back regularly, or join our mailing list!