Council Watch

CityHallEcology Ottawa is excited to relaunch its Ottawa Council Watch Campaign. A prime opportunity to engage volunteers, hold our local politicians accountable, and build support for local environmental issues, we look forward to bringing back this meaningful campaign.

About Council Watch

Ecology Ottawa recognizes the power Ottawa City Council has to make Ottawa an environmental leader.

We’ve made it part of our mission to encourage citizens to engage with city council and advocate for the adoption of environmentally sound policies.

Ecology Ottawa is committed to fostering respectful and productive relationships with all members of council. We are also committed to maintaining our role of monitoring council through our Council Watch team which monitors what goes on at city council, reports, and thus holds council accountable for its environmental performance.

The Council Watch team attends the meetings of the Environment Committee, Planning Committee, Transportation Committee, Transit Commission, and full City Council. They and other Ecology Ottawa supporters also monitor media and internet reports of council activity. The outcomes of these committee meetings are summarized in blog posts on the Ecology Ottawa website.

A relaunch

Since 2010, Ecology Ottawa has issued an all-candidates’ survey in the lead up to every Ottawa municipal election. During the most recent municipal elections in 2018, one thing has become clear: Ottawans want to see their politicians be held accountable. The Council Watch campaign, therefore, is revived to keep Ottawans up to date on the latest developments at Council, learn how their councillor vote, and build a track record for each councillor going into the next municipal election.

You can read the latest posts from the Council Watch team here.

How to get involved

If you are enthusiastic about making Ottawa an environmental leader and are interested in learning more about how to get involved in the Council Watch initiative, email Ecology Ottawa’s Office Manager, Erik Pervin at