Climate Change Plan Delegations

The following is audio from the May 20, 2014 City of Ottawa Environment Committee meeting.

  • Part One represents comments by councillors
  • Part Two is input from the public (in some cases their notes are attached)
  • Part Three is more from the councillors

Part One Councillor Comments

Mathieu Fleury

Keith Egli

David Chernushenko

Diane Holmes 

David Chernushenko

Part Two Public Delegations

Mitchell Beer (here are his notes)

Curtis Lavoie (here are his notes)

David Rhynas (here are his notes including PowerPoint)

Scott Findlay (here are his notes)

Pippa Beck (here are her notes)

Alastair Henderson (here are her notes)

Jon Connor 

Charles Hodgson (here are his notes)

Don Grant 

Johan Hamels 

John Stone (here are his notes)

Randal Goodfellow 

Paul Beckwith 

Keith Shackleton 

Sylvia Bogusis 

Patrick Biggs 

Jana Makusov 

Sucha Mann, Chair of the Sustainability Committee, Professional Engineers Ontario – Ottawa Chapter had also hoped to speak but was unable to stay for the full length of the meeting. Here are his speaking notes

Part Three – More from Councillors

Steve Desroches 

Diane Holmes 

David Chernushenko 

Part Four – Related materials

Here is the Environmental Strategy Status Report. It contains links to all sort of city initiatives including some mentioned in the AQCCMP such as the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines and the Energy and Emissions Plan.

Similarly, here is the Environment Strategy Priority Results which also contains links to many city initiatives similar to the Report above, but is summarized and categorized.

In the meeting, some councillors asked a number of questions – councillor Holmes asked a number of questions that she asked be a matter of record.  Here are the answers to those questions.


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