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Stop sewage spills into the Ottawa River


What’s next for our living city? Trees, water, greenspace…

A million trees planted, a strong urban forest management plan for Ottawa, a new water environment strategy, and a long-term vision for greenspace connectivity and land acquisition in our city  – these are the things that Ecology Ottawa worked to promote in 2016 as part of our Living City campaign. With your support, we can […]

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Ecology Ottawa’s take on the City of Ottawa’s 2017 Budget

Ecology Ottawa met with representatives of the City of Ottawa in late November to discuss the 2017 draft Budget, which was tabled for approval at City Council on Wednesday, December 14. Below is the statement made by Ecology Ottawa at that meeting, updated with more recent budget information where applicable. Mayor Jim Watson 110 Laurier […]

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Ready to Plant

Depave Paradise in Pictures

St. Anthony Catholic School has a typical urban schoolyard. It is mostly crumbling pavement with a grove of mature trees in the middle, providing shade for the school’s 128 students. In the mid-1990s, the school actually won an “Ugliest Schoolyard” contest, which gave them prize money with which to plant a few trees. Some pavement […]

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Current oasis

Depave St. Anthony – Ottawa Citizen Coverage

Depave Paradise has completed the final stage of the St. Anthony schoolyard project! With the help of many dedicated volunteers, we tore up 100 square metres of asphalt from the schoolyard and planted native plants. This action was taken to provide greenspace for the children, reduce the amount of heat reflected from the hard pavement […]

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Current oasis

From Asphalt to Oasis – A Depave Story

Removing pavement can be a daunting task, but made easy when communities come together to transform asphalt into vibrant green space! Last month, Ecology Ottawa had the pleasure of collaborating with St. Anthony School on another successful Depave Paradise project within Canada’s green capital. Now that the soil has been liberated, we look forward to […]

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Successful Depave at St. Anthony

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make Depave Paradise 2015 a success! This Saturday, June 20th a team of more than 30 community volunteers tackled the tearing up around 900 square feet of asphalt at St. Anthony Catholic School. The transformation that unfolded will not only provide benefits for the environment, but it will also […]

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Environment Committee on June 16 2015

What Happened at Environment Committee Tuesday

For Nancy Biggs, it’s personal. Though a member of myriad boards and committees across the city, she addressed the Environment Committee as an individual whose family has lived in Ottawa for six generations. “We are seeing more freezing rain events, heavy rainfall causing flooding and sinkholes, as well as an increase in heat waves”, she […]

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Heap face retro clock symbol – There is no time

Environment Committee June 16 – A Long Day Ahead

For concerned citizens planning to attend or speak at the Tuesday, June 16 Environment Committee meeting, we’re in for a long day. But don’t let that put you off. This is the ONLY opportunity to address Environment Committee, and through them City Council on how the city will prioritize environmental issues over the next four […]

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Analysis of the City’s 2015-2018 Term of Council Priorities

Running up to the City Council meeting of July 8, 2015 various city standing committees are considering for approval a document that lays out the city’s priorities until the next municipal election. What follows here is a draft for discussion of Ecology Ottawa’s detailed analysis of how this document stacks up. For a more condensed […]

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City’s Term of Council Priorities Released

Late today on the city’s website the City of Ottawa’s Proposed 2015-2018 Term of Council Priorities document was made public. Ecology Ottawa will review these 178 pages and report back based on how the document satisfies the parameters listed here. The document will be reviewed for approval by various standing committees of the city starting next week […]

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