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Streets for pedestrians, cyclists and public transit users as well as cars

Elgin Street

Help shape the future of Elgin St. and Hawthorne Ave. – Wed., Jan. 11

Do you frequent Elgin Street and Hawthorne Avenue? Do you feel unsafe when walking or biking on these busy roads? Are you interested in creating safe and welcoming streets in Centretown and Old Ottawa East?  Elgin Street and Hawthorne Avenue are going to undergo street renewal, and the City is holding a Public Open House […]

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Ecology Ottawa’s take on the City of Ottawa’s 2017 Budget

Ecology Ottawa met with representatives of the City of Ottawa in late November to discuss the 2017 draft Budget, which was tabled for approval at City Council on Wednesday, December 14. Below is the statement made by Ecology Ottawa at that meeting, updated with more recent budget information where applicable. Mayor Jim Watson 110 Laurier […]

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Cyclists and Pedestrians Unite!

Ottawa has a Riverkeeper to keep our rivers clean and healthy, so why shouldn’t we also have a Pathmaker to do the same for our streets? It’s a sad fact. Ottawa – a city of one million people – lacks a full-time advocate dedicated to improving the health and safety of its streets for all […]

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Why do we need a Pathmaker?

Why this position at this time? Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit, grassroots and volunteer-driven organization working to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada. We have been working on sustainable transportation for five years through advocacy on issues like complete streets, light rail, bike lanes, street design, accessibility and funding for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. […]

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Rethink Scott Street and Albert Street: work with us to make a positive change

The construction of the new Light Rail Transit (LRT) system is transforming the streets of Ottawa, and there is huge potential for a positive change along the Scott Street / Albert Street corridor. Current LRT construction means two of the street’s four lanes are dedicated to detoured Transitway buses. This has caused serious hardship for residents along […]

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Restorations Map – Adopt a Street

Turn your street into a Complete Street. Click on the map to see if a street in your neighbourhood is planned to undergo major construction!

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StreetFight Press Coverage

What follows is press coverage surrounding the visit of Janette Sadik-Khan, co-author of Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution and former Transportation Commissioner for New York City, on Wednesday April 27. Included are: Ottawa Citizen (PDF) Metro News (PDF) CFRA (PDF) CBC News at 6 (Video) CTV (Video) Radio Canada (Video in French) CBC Radio (Audio) […]

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Support the Motion on Traffic Congestion Fighting Tools

Should the city find out what works in other places? On April 6 city councillors will consider a motion to study best practices for reducing traffic congestion. The idea is to have this knowledge before 2018 when the city redoes its Transportation Master Plan. This motion IS NOT to impose road tolls in Ottawa. David […]

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feet on the street

Council on Aging Ottawa (COA) and Ecology Ottawa’s Age-Friendly Walkability Report

The report summarizes a two-year project carried out by the COA’s Pedestrian Safety Committee involving walkability and pedestrian safety audits in three Ottawa communities – Hintonburg, the Glebe and Kanata-Beaverbrook in the winter, spring and fall of 2014-15. Residents from age 2 to 85 (and several dogs) carried out the walkability audits in sunny, rainy […]

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feet on the street

EVENT February 25 • Age-Friendly Walkability Report

How safe are Ottawa streets for seniors and other valuable people? Ottawa: The Council on Aging Ottawa (COA) and Ecology Ottawa will host a special event on February 25 to launch An Age-Friendly Walkability Report: Safe Streets for Seniors and Other Valuable People in Ottawa. The report summarizes a two-year project carried out by the […]

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