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Within days of announcing that TransCanada intended to build a 4,500 km pipeline through Ottawa and the Rideau River, we launched a petition that has gathered thousands of residents who are saying no to this tar sands pipeline.

Over the last two years, we have been knocking on people’s doors to raise awareness, reaching out to over 25,000 homes to inform them about the pipeline and our opposition.

Outreach works. In response to concerns raised by residents here and elsewhere along the pipeline, and through Ecology Ottawa organizing the Ontario Energy Board concluded that the tar sands pipeline’s economic benefits are not balanced with the environmental risks to Ontario. Public input made it clear that the risky project does not have the support of communities along the pipeline route in Ontario.

Ottawa has become a frontline community in the debate over tar sands, climate change, and the future of our country. Already, residents across British Colombia, Alberta, and the United States have been standing together against expanding pipeline infrastructure, and standing up for alternative energy and visions.

We need to do more, and we need your help to make sure dangerous tar sands oil doesn’t flow through our communities.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Sign our petition!
    • This not only lets politicians know this is a serious issue, but lets us stay in touch with you. Distribute it – talk to friends, colleagues, or neighbours about the issue, and get them to sign!
  • Donate! 
    • Ecology Ottawa is volunteer driven but your donation helps maintain an office where our volunteers can meet and work and a small core staff to keep things organized.
  • Volunteer with us! 
    • We are always looking for people to help us getting the word out with boothing opportunities and outreach. We are also looking for web and graphics design volunteers, get in touch!




6 Comments on “Tar Free 613 – Take Action

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  3. Oppose the pipeline project and preserve the land. Because not only will it impact Canada it
    will also impact US soil as well. The risks are too high. Of course oil companies .Politicians and oil workers. Would disagree and are all for it. But many are against it and don’t want to see a pipeline running through the city. Or country Knowing the facts. To sum it up the cons out way the pros.

  4. Oppose against the pipeline project and help protect the environment .

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  6. Oppose the pipeline project to keep the environment clean and green without chemical pollution for the future!

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