Dietary Change – Get Involved

Alone or in a group, many citizens are carrying out inspiring actions to help with the move towards sustainable diets. Here are some ideas for spreading the movement.


Dig deeper and learn more about the livestock and agriculture industries and sustainable diets.

Read Ecology Ottawa’s backgrounder on the dietary changes and climate change, and check out the extensive list of sources.

Contact a citizen group in your area to be kept informed. Several groups are following the news surrounding the advent of the oil sands very closely.

Consult The Royal Institute of International Affairs report on changing diets to address climate change to find out more about how our government can intervene and the types of policy changes that will be required.


Share information with the citizens of your municipality or neighborhood. This is the first step towards mobilization!

Spread the word! Share your concerns with your family, colleagues and friends. Transfer the items you find interesting to your loved ones by email or via social networks.

Distribute leaflets to publicize the issue.  Contact Ecology Ottawa to receive free material, or print copies of our leaflet from home in colour or black and white.


Do you feel ready to add a little more energy? Nothing beats the actions in person!

Organize a conference, a round table, a coffee meeting or a workshop. Contact Ecology Ottawa for more information.

Start a group in your municipality or neighborhood or join an existing one.

Share the following videos and movies or schedule a public viewing:

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. 85 min. English. Available on Netflix.

Before the Flood. By Leonardo Di Caprio. 96 min. English.

Soil Solutions to Climate Problems. 4 min. English.

The Great Challenge: Farming, Food and Climate Change. The New York Times Conferences. Keynote by Michael Pollan. 30 min. English.

Do you have to be a vegan to help fix climate change? The Guardian. 1 min 21 sec.

Food: Farming for the Future. Earthrise. 25min. English.

Beyond meat: The end of food as we know it? Talk to Al Jazeera. 24 min. English.


Make your voice heard! Use the media to convey your message and contact your MPs who are elected to represent you.

Participate in public consultations

Write to your municipal Councillor, your provincial representative or your federal MP to encourage it to adopt a resolution.

Feed the debate! Publish an open letter to the media and comment online on National Food Policy and Canada Food Guide articles.

Attend meetings of your municipal council and committees (alone or in a group).

Contact local organizations to inform them about the significant environmental impacts in your area (conservation organizations, unions, agricultural federations, watershed organizations, etc.). Think also to explore beyond the natural supports for a wider radiation (public health, nurses’ associations, school boards, etc).

Invest in sectors that reflect your values ​​with Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).

For more information, contact Anthony Garoufalis-Auger, Renewable City organizer, by email or at 613-860-5353.

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