Dietary Change – Action Kit

Did you know…

The typical Canadian diet – high in meat, dairy and processed foods – is a principal driver of human-caused global warming.

Producing food contributes to producing greenhouse gases through agricultural machinery, through the energy used for transporting crops and animals, from the use of fertilizers, and through the gases released from animals and through deforestation. According to experts looking into this for the United Nations, animal farming alone accounted for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2013: more than all the greenhouse gases released by the tailpipes of world’s vehicles that year. (1)

The experts on this issue are categorical: our diets need to change if we are to limit global warming below the level the governments of 195 countries, including our own, have deemed extremely dangerous and potentially catastrophic for our civilization.

What can you do?

Participate in the Federal Government’s public consultations for both the Canada Food Guide and the National Food Policy.

Adopt a resolution: Several municipalities and organizations have already taken a stand by adopting a resolution. Encourage your elected officials to do the same.

Unity is strength ! Create a citizen group to organize different outreach or awareness activities in the City of Ottawa. Better yet, see one already exists in your area.

To learn more, take a look at our backgrounder on the issue in the Canadian context.

Check out our more in depth guide to getting involved.


(1) Tackling Climate Change through Livestock A global assessment of emissions and mitigation opportunities, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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