Dietary Change

The world demand for food, especially meat and dairy, is currently one of the world’s most serious environmental problems. In Canada, the livestock and industrial agriculture industries are one of our leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions domestically while the typical Canadian diet is leading to emissions elsewhere.


Canada Food Guide

Federal Food Policy



Reduce meat and dairy consumption

Reduce food waste and demand

To take action

Visit the Ecology Ottawa’s Dietary Change action kit, which contains examples of municipal resolutions, a list of citizen groups involved in the issue, and ideas for political or creative action to support of solutions.

Publications of note:

Report – Changing Climate, Changing Diets: Pathways to Lower Meat Consumption, by The Royal Institute of International Affairs

Report- Livestock – Climate Change’s Forgotten Sector: Global Public Opinion on Meat and Dairy Consumption, by The Royal Institute of International Affairs

Expert Commentary – Failure to tackle food demand could make 1.5C limit unachievable, by Dr. Tim Benton, University of Leeds, and Dr Bojana Bajželj, Waste and Resources Action Programme.

Briefing Note – Champion Healthy and Sustainable Diets, by Food Secure Canada

Briefing Note – Support for Sustainable Food Systems, by Food Secure Canada

Expert Commentary – Canada’s Food Guide needs to address sustainability, by Angela Lee, Heather McLeod-Kilmurray, and Nathalie Chalifour. Policy Options.

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