Federal Progress on Climate Change

Sustainable Food in Canada

After years of hard work by civil society groups to have the federal government address the long term sustainability the food we eat and produce in Canada, our government is finally responding. Ecology Ottawa is calling on its supporters to get informed on the issue and ensure that the response of the government is commensurate with the what the science demands us to do. The federal government is currently developing a National Food Policy and a new iteration of the Canada Food Guide, both of which are unique opportunities to address the sustainability of our food. With the growing body of evidence showing that much of the food we put on our plates is a leading contributor to climate change, will the Trudeau government cease this moment and make sure these major initiatives begin the necessary shift toward zero-carbon diets and agricultural practices?
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Increasing our Global Ambition

Acknowledging that current efforts are not ambitious enough to halt extremely dangerous climate change, the federal government has committed to raising the ambition of its short term efforts. Ecology Ottawa has created this section of our webpage to inform you of the scale of ambition required for Canada to do its fair share in fighting climate change.
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