Renewable City


Data from the City of Ottawa Greenhouse Gas Inventory published 2012

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time.

Work with us to ensure that our city does its fair share to sharply reduce our contribution to the global problem.

In Ottawa approximately 49% of our contribution to the problem is from energy we use in buildings; approximately 40% comes from transportation. Burning coal, oil and gas to produce heat and electricity and to drive cars, buses, trains, etc. produce most of the gasses that are causing our world to warm.

So the efficiency of our homes and offices and the ways we choose to get around are critically important.

The decisions we make ourselves and those made by every level of our governments influence how successful we are at confronting this challenge.

Ecology Ottawa works to stimulate political will to act on climate change.

Sign the Real Clean Energy Strategy Petition and we’ll keep you informed.

Read the latest posts on this campaign here.

See a summary of Ecology Ottawa’s 2014 election platform for our Climate Campaign.

See also – What can you do to fight climate change? The Countdown:

#5 save energy

#4 divest from fossil fuel

#3 support a group

#2 stop tarsands pipelines

#1 tell politicians it matters (hint – this one is the most important, and the easiest)


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