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The following organizations and businesses have expressed their interest and commitment to Protecting, Planting and Promoting Tree Habitat in Ottawa, and being a part of the Tree Ottawa Network.

Ottawa residents, businesses and public bodies will be introduced to Tree Ottawa Partnering and Collaborating organizations through a range of program activities and initiatives, social networking efforts and the Tree Ottawa web platform. The focus will be to offer Ottawa residents, businesses and public bodies with options and alternatives to be a part of the broader team dedicated to tree and tree habitat preservation and expansion through the region.


Academie de la Capitale has become the first school to partner with Tree Ottawa. In the Spring of 2015, they planted 15 trees in Morrison Park in Nepean. Also, each student had homework to adopt their own tree through Tree Ottawa`s website. It was very easy for the students to get involved and make a lasting impression on the green space in their neighbourhood and the city for years to come.


The City of Ottawa is our official partner for Tree Ottawa, and has committed to increasing the number of trees they plant annually to upwards of 140,000 to 150,000 trees! All trees being planted by the City of Ottawa will be counted towards our goal of planting 1 million trees for 2017. This partnership with the City of Ottawa is key to helping us spread the word about Ecology Ottawa’s Tree Ottawa initiative.


Elevate Yoga has added Tree Ottawa as one of their ‘Charities of the Month’ in 2015.


Enviro Painting is an environmentally friendly painting company that uses paint with non-toxic fumes.They have decided to plant a tree for Tree Ottawa for every customer they recieve!

Farm boy store picture

Farm Boy opened their first store in Cornwall Ontario in 1981 to begin selling local farm food. In 1992 they opened stores in Ottawa. Farm Boy has supported local initiatives in Cornwall and Ottawa and has recently agreed to support Tree Ottawa!


FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 – Host City Ottawa
FIFA has teamed up with Tree Ottawa to make our sports fields, and the areas surrounding them, more environmentally friendly. Our collaboration with FIFA will help to expand our network of tree protectors, tree planters, and tree promoters!


Glashan Public School has teamed up with Tree Ottawa to fund a greenspace landscape in their school`s backyard. They have raised $30,000 with the help of Tree Ottawa for the project and clearing of the land began in spring 2015!


GlassMate Window Solutions is a locally owned and operated company that provide residential window cleaning, window Defogging and Window Filming Services. We hire local staff every year and contribute to the local economy. At GlassMate we use products that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are raising money to have annual tree give-aways with Tree Ottawa.


Hidden Harvest was one of our first collaborators! They are a local organization doing amazing work to plant and harvest fruit and nut trees, and create community gardens throughout the city. They are a valuable resource providing guidance as we establish the Great Ecology Ottawa Tree Map, and will provide further support as needed for the ‘Adopt-a-tree’ tool.


Just Food is a collabertor with Tree Ottawa. They promote healthy, sustainable and local farm food for the Ottawa region. They also have a Community Gardening Network which promotes sustainable gardens within the city and assists to get the word out about local CSA farming initiatives that residents can support to have fresh farm food on their table year round.


Landscape Ontario is a company who prides itself on hiring landscaping contractors who value sustainable practices. Interested clients trust the contactors green expertise. They help to promote Tree Ottawa’s initiatives and giving advice to our community members. They also tell us about the trees they have planted and trees they give away for their outdoor expo!


MELOG is a network of entrepreneurial Latin American women in Ottawa-Gatineau where they can help each other and influence favourably their personal and professional development. Their main goal is to promote the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences among Latin American women entrepreneurs of the Ottawa-Gatineau region.


Moksha Yoga is a group of independent hot yoga studios committed to ethical, compassionate and environmentally conscious living. A big part of Moksha Yoga means taking your practice off the mat and into the community. Moksha Yoga Orleans have generously added Tree Ottawa to their long list of important organizations that they donate to! Through their Karma Class Funds and studio events, they will spread the word of our initiative while proceeds from the Karma class will go toward supporting Tree Ottawa. For more information on Moksha Yoga Orleans, check out their website here!


Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club
Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club are collaborating with Tree Ottawa to help us engage with local soccer stars! By spreading the word of our initiative, they will help promote our cause with hopes of greening up our soccer fields and their surrounding areas, by increasing much needed shade for athletes and spectators alike! For more information about their soccer club, see the Hotspurs website.


Ottawa 2017 Celebrations
Ottawa 2017 Celebrations is collaborating with Tree Ottawa as we work towards our goal of planting 1 million trees for Canada’s 150th birthday. They will help Tree Ottawa to better establish and expand important contacts throughout the city, supporting us to reach our objective. Ecology Ottawa was the first organization to reach out to Ottawa 2017 Celebrations with a plan to contribute to the celebration of Canada’s 150th year. We are happy to be working together to accomplish this common goal!


Ottawa Community Housing is collaborating with Tree Ottawa in a variety of ways. Every tree they have planted since we began the Tree Ottawa initiative will contribute to our goal of 1 million trees. Ottawa Community Housing has also allocated valuable land space to plant trees to help incorporate greener communities.


RBC Royal Bank is a founding sponsor of Tree Ottawa, having made a very generous donation to the initiative over the next three years. This funding has been essential to allowing the initiative to get on its feet. RBC recognizes the importance that trees have on creating healthy watersheds, which is the primary focus of RBC Bluewater Initiative.


RGA promotes french businesses. They help small and bigger actors to partner and work together in Gatineau, Ottawa and the greater Ottawa region. Feeling concerned by the region’s major issues, the RGA decided to help Tree Ottawa to spread the word about trees and its future events. For our part, we’ll promote their events on our website and during some of our workshops. Check out their website !


Rideau Valley Conservation Authority were in celebration of planting their five millionth tree since 1983, on May 28th, 2015. There has also been 240,000 new seedlings planted this spring along the 4,000 square kilometres of watershed that links from South Frontenac County to the City of Ottawa. The RVCA celebrated this milestone along with its funding, administrative and planting partners, such as Tree Ottawa.


As a collaborator with Tree Ottawa, all of the local Scouts Canada tree plantings accomplished through their hard work on May Day will count towards Tree Ottawa’s goal of the citizens planting 1 million trees! In addition to this, they are going to increase the number of trees they will plant, as well as the land they have to plant trees on.


Sierra Youth Coalition is working with Tree Ottawa to help create connections and establish working relationships with local teachers and students throughout Ottawa. It is extremely important for future generations to shine a light on the importance of our urban canopy and we are grateful that Sierra Youth Coalition is helping us to develop these relationships!


Softtek Solidaris is a global foundation that contributes to the social welfare and balance between people and their natural environment. They have promoted Tree Ottawa’s initiatives by helping to plant trees locally which we are hoping will continue in the future.


Founded in 2015, Tree Fest Ottawa connects people with trees, inspires dialogue and learning, and transforms how we see, engage with, and act in the world around us.

They use the power of photographs and stories to capture public attention and encourage people to take action to protect the trees in our environment – and plant new native trees.

twigs-logo_full Twigs Nursery was founded by Catherine Copp who is a certified Ministry of Natural Resources Seed collector. She gathers local seeds from Ottawa forests and harvests them. Her actions helps to create ideal seeds for planting in our area. The tree sources have acclimatized to the ecology of Ottawa and are therefore more likely to survive local environmental conditions. Twigs Nursery has provided Tree Ottawa with many saplings, and has kindly agreed to love and care for these saplings while they overwintering.


Value Village has signed on as a collaberator with Tree Ottawa. They are assisting our initiative and goals of planting one million trees by 2017.

ferguson20forestFerguson Forest Centre has kindly been providing Tree Ottawa with thousands of saplings of various species, deciduous trees and conifers. The success of our 2017 Free Tree Giveaway could not have been done without their help.


In celebration of Canada’s, and thus Ontario’s, 150th birthday, Ontario 150 has partnered up with Tree Ottawa to help get trees to as many citizens as possible.

qubnx6cusy7w7ezb4npefveci-z7qvpmpxnndnptjn8Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation holds the annual Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, a major festival that includes dragon boating competitions during the day, and popular live entertainment at night. They have been long partners with Tree Ottawa, working to help keep the premise clean during the festival’s activities.


Community Foundations of Canada is a movement for community vitality. They have partnered with Tree Ottawa to support our campaign in revitalizing key environmental areas through the local distribution and planting of trees.


The Westboro Beach Community Association oversees the community living in the Westboro Beach area in Ottawa. Their partnership with Tree Ottawa has included aiding them in revitalizing two key areas in the Westboro Beach community through tree tree planting events and mobilizing in their community to spread awareness about environmental issues.


The Blackburn Community Association oversees the community living in the Blackburn area in Ottawa. Their partnership with Tree Ottawa has included key community revitalization tree plantings, engaging their residents to care for their local environment.


EnviroCentre is dedicated to helping citizens, organizations, and communities find long-lasting ways to lessen their environmental impacts. By collaborating with Tree Ottawa, we are able to work together to towards the common goal of environmental sustainability.


Ottawa’s Champions Baseball Club is Ottawa’s professional baseball team. Their arena, the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park (RCGT) is a frequent hub for Ottawa baseball fans to cheer on their local team. With Tree Ottawa’s initiative to hand out free trees during the summer of 2017, Ottawa’s Champions Baseball Club became a collaborator to  invite Tree Ottawa to hand out trees to baseball watchers at their games.


Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is an retail co-op store. They promote the environment through their sporting gear and outdoor wares, encouraging citizens to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. The have signed on as one of Tree Ottawa’s collaborators to our goal to make Ottawa the green capital.


Ottawa’s Veg Fest is an annual celebration of vegans and vegetarians. Started by the National Capital Vegetarian Association, this festival has informative presentations, live cooking demonstrations, and numerous other fun activities. Tree Ottawa has collaborated with Veg Fest for numerous years, attending the festival to spread awareness about trees.


Perfect Books is a local bookstore in Ottawa. They partnered up with Tree Ottawa for the Tree Ottawa book club in 2016, supplying book club members with the monthly book pick and offering discounts.


St. Anthony Catholic School is one of the recipients of Tree Ottawa’s Depave project. 100 meters squared of asphalt was dug up and removed on St. Anthony’s playground in order to be replaced with grass in order to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases, restore natural diversity and wildlife habitat, and provide locally-grown food.


Ottawa Porchfest is a community-based arts festival, aimed to demonstrate the hidden talent within Ottawa. Porchfest collaborated with Tree Ottawa in order to have a presence there.


Tea Store is a quaint store located in the centre of the Byward Market that sells over 300 kinds of looseleaf tea. Enthusiastic about our campaign, the Tea Store has hosted Tree Ottawa Book Club meetings.


The Canadian Institution of Forestry played a crucial part in the consultation of the public for the Urban Forest Management Plan. Their concern over forests led them to become collaborators with Tree Ottawa to help protect local trees.


Maker House Co. is a local store whose wares are all made by authentic artisans across Canada. Ecology Ottawa was listed as one of their #CraftChange charity organizations they supported in 2016.


Depave Paradise works to remove remove asphalt and replace it with greenery. Tree Ottawa has spearheaded one of Depave Paradise’s project, having successfully restored a section of asphalt back to its natural greenery.


Lowertown Community Association oversees the Lowertown community in Ottawa. They have featured Tree Ottawa events and articles on the importance of trees in their local newspaper.


Whole Foods Market is a grocery store that provides produce that is sustainably and organically grown. Whole Foods Ottawa has collaborated with Tree Ottawa to host events, and have invited us to be part of their 5% giving days, donating 1% of their profits to us.


The Glebe Community Association oversees the Glebe community in Ottawa. Their Environment Committee has been working with Tree Ottawa to help get environmental initiatives up and running, including tree plantings in the area and local tree giveaways with other organizations.


Parks Canada is part of the Canadian governmental dedicated to protecting important environmental heritage cites. They also work to foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of nature and its importance to Canadian culture. Recognizing the importance of having healthy trees, they have become collaborators with Tree Ottawa.


Glebe Collegiate Institute is a secondary school located in Ottawa. TWIGS (Those Who Initiate Greener Spaces) is a passionate environmental club within the school. They reached out to partner with Tree Ottawa in 2014 to host a tree giveaway at their school to celebrate Earth Week.


Thyme and Again is a restaurant and catering service. Hearing about Tree Ottawa’s massive tree giveaway, they reached out to partner up with us to incorporate trees to help lien up their events.


Terra20 is an environmental retail store, who prides themselves on their sustainable, non-GMO and fair trade products. Their enthusiasm for promoting sustainable environmental products has led them to become a collaborator with Tree Ottawa.