Passport to Nature 2020

We are thrilled to announce our first ever Passport to Nature that gives everyone the opportunity to champion biodiversity in Ottawa! 

The Passport to Nature is an evolving online document that will continue to be updated with new events as they are confirmed. Be sure to check back in so you never miss an update!

This virtual booklet outlines exciting and educational biodiversity themed events for you and your family to take part in from now until September 2020. Not to mention that the booklet features fun facts, little quizzes, and marvelous illustrations on a variety of topics.

These events were planned with a biodiversity lens in mind. As a society we are dealing with a dual crisis of climate change and mass biodiversity loss. Ecology Ottawa is encouraging Ottawa residents to download iNaturalist and join our project “Ecology Ottawa’s Bioblitz 2020” on the app to document the nearby nature you see. While you are outdoors enjoying these events, and learning from the great guides, you can also help monitor and record the natural world around you.

Whether you attend a Trivia Tuesday, Webinar, Virtual Field Trip, or Bioblitz – we want to hear from you! Follow us on social media @EcologyOttawa and use #NatureIsNotCancelled to share your experiences using the Passport to Nature with us.

2 Comments on “Passport to Nature 2020

  1. I agree, Nature is not cancelled! By our life styles we are inviting Nature to cancel us! It does it all the time, to past and present species that fail to live by it’s laws. To borrow a phrase from TVO ,” Apex human societies of the past are history, these of today ‘Are Still Learning’ ” Will be learn enough to survive past the next couple of generations?

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