Passport to Nature 2020

Coming soon!

Ecology Ottawa will soon be releasing our first annual Passport to Nature! This booklet will feature several fun outdoor events for you and your family to enjoy in Ottawa between June and September 2020. The passport will provide all the information you need about each event so you can focus on getting outside and connecting with the abundance of nature that Ottawa has to offer!

These events were planned with a biodiversity lens in mind. As a society we are dealing with a dual crisis of climate change and mass biodiversity loss. Ecology Ottawa is encouraging Ottawa residents to use the app iNaturalist to document the nearby nature you see. While you are outdoors enjoying these events, and learning from the great guides, you can also help monitor and record the natural world around you. Be prepared for these events by downloading iNaturalist before you arrive!    

The Ecology Ottawa team is looking forward to having you join us in the great outdoors this year!