Take Action Around the Election

Photo Credit: The Ottawa Citizen

Photo Credit: The Ottawa Citizen

SEE A SUMMARY OF THE COMPLETE STREETS CAMPAIGN PRIORITIES – Let’s make our streets safe and convenient.

October 27th, 2014, is Election Day in the City of Ottawa, and to ensure that the Complete Streets policy will be implemented in the next term of council, candidates must be knowledgeable about the policy and ready to prioritize infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. To achieve this goal, the following actions have been recommended:

  • Define a concrete demand or “ask” for the candidates running in your ward
  • Produce “election/candidate kits”: Provide advocates/candidates with a toolkit that can educate people on the importance of Complete Streets and create key messages (for example, include a simple definition of a Complete Street, the benefits of Complete Streets, and debunking the myth that it creates more traffic)
  • Hold meetings/debates to allow people to engage with the candidates about the Complete Streets policy

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