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Are cars speeding on your street? Do you feel unsafe when crossing the road? Are children in your neighbourhood able to bike safely to and from their school?

A street restoration is a great opportunity to make your street safer for all users, whether you like to walk, bike, bus or drive. Planned street restorations give communities an opening to ask for an updated street design tailored to your community’s needs – Turn your street into a Complete Street. Check out the map to see if a street in your neighbourhood is planned to undergo major construction! Click on the squared symbol next to the map title to watch the map in full-screen (or click here). Layers can be turned on and off using the drop down menu on the left, including ward outlines, LRT stations and street constructions.

CaptureThe street construction icon represents planned street restoration projects. Please click on each icon for more information and a link to a Street Restoration Profile. A street restoration profile is an initial analysis of the current street design and condition and includes opportunities for improvements. Note that these have been prepared by Ecology Ottawa volunteers. Contact us if you notice any inaccuracies that you wish to be corrected. The full list of completed street restoration profiles can be found here.
Capture2The pin represents planned street restoration projects that do not currently have a street restoration profile. Contact Ecology Ottawa if you want to create a street restoration profile. We will provide you with a guide explaining how to create an initial analysis of your street. We appreciate your help!

Many streets in Ottawa are dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. Too many neighbourhoods lack affordable and convenient public transportation options. Poorly designed streets discourage active lifestyles, limit transportation options, increase traffic congestion and increase road maintenance costs. Streets need to be accessible to all people, including pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users – You deserve safe and convenient transportation options.

Now is the time to act on a community level to make a real impact in your neighbourhood. Use street restorations as a tool to improve speeding issues, walkability and overall safety to your local street.

The City of Ottawa adopted the Complete Streets Implementation Framework on October 14, 2015. The City is planning to complete the streets over time. There will be continuous public consultation on road design throughout the process. This is an opportunity to tell the City how your street(s) can be improved in the near future. Turn your street into a Complete Street.

For more information on how to take action towards making improvements to your streets in your community, see Complete Your Street – Guide for taking action on Complete Streets. To see the full list of completed street restoration profiles, click here.

Note that these restoration plans may change, as they have not been made official by the City of Ottawa. Contact your City Councillor or call the City at 3-1-1 to find out about the timing and plans for the restoration of the street that you are interested in. Keep Ecology Ottawa up to date. Let us know if you are aware of any inaccuracies or change of plans. Not all planned street restorations have been put on the map, as this is an ongoing process. Contact us if you are interested in helping Ecology Ottawa build the map.

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  1. slow people down in residential areas? speed bumps! dont get fancy. A good jar to your baby car will SLOW them down. we need two bumps..City of London calls them cushions, yech!

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