Planned Street Restorations – Documents

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The City believes that the most cost effective and efficient way to start widespread implementation of the Complete Streets policy is by including aspects in upcoming street renewal projects. Transit, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks will not be part of the plan though unless we make it clear to the City that we want them. This is why we need your help to make sure Complete Streets are prioritized! Click on a street name with a completed assessment to see more information about the planned construction. Contact Ecology Ottawa if you want to create a street restoration profile for a street that is currently lacking this. We will provide you with a guide explaining how to create an initial analysis of your street.

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Street Restoration Profiles:

2016 2017 2018 2019
Albert Street/Scott Street 8th Line Road Anderson Road Abbott Street
Appleton Drive Alta Vista Drive Beausejour Drive Albert Street
Woodcrest Road Bayswater Avenue & Laurel Street Meadowglen Drive Bankfield Road
Beaverpond Drive Bearbrook Road Beavertail Road Bayview Drive
Columbus Avenue Berry Side Road Bank Street Bronson Avenue
Dunning Road Bishop Davis Drive Campeau Drive Canaan Road
Dynes Road Bleeks Road Carling Avenue Dalmeny Road
Fallowfield Road (Cedarview-Larkin) Blohm Drive Carling Avenue (RR Tracks-Bronson) Deerwood Drive
Kent Street Bridge Street Castor Road Donald Street
Lancaster Road Broadhead Avenue Catherine Street Deer Park Road
Montreal Road Chapel Street City Centre Avenue Downey Road
Merivale Road Chapman Boulevard Charlemange Boulevard Dumaurier Avenue
O’Connor Street Crichton Street and Keefer Street O’Connor Street Elm Street
Prince of Wales Drive Devine Road Crichton Street Etienne Road
Queen Street Diamondview Road Elgin Street (Waverley-Isabella) Fairlawn Avenue
Quigley Hill Road Dunrobin Road Elgin Street (Gloucester-Gilmour) Fallowfield Road (Munster-Huntley)
Renfrew Avenue Fallowfield Road (Woodroffe-Prince of Wales) Elgin Street (Waverley-Gilmoure) Fallowfield Road (Huntley-Eagleson)
Revelstoke Drive Farmview Road French Hill Road Ferdinand Street
Rideau Street Golden Line Road Gallagher Road Ferry Road
River Road Greenbank Road Greenfield Avenue Forest Road
Sheffield Road Hamlet Road Halton Terrace Heatherington Road
Spencer Street Hooper Street Howie Road Joy’s Road
Tompkins Avenue Howie Road Huntley Road (Perth-Brownlee) Aston Station Road
Uplands Drive Iona Street Huntley Road (Fallowfield-Flewellyn) Leitrim Road
Wellington Street Jolliet Avenue Huron Avenue North Leopolds Drive
Kinburn Side Road Island Park Drive Loyalist Street
Kirkwood Avenue (Clare-Carling) John Shaw Road Malakoff Road
Kirkwood Avenue (Geoffrey-Richmond) King Edward Avenue Mann Avenue
Loggers Way Kirkwood Avenue Marco Street
Lorreta Avenue South Lakeway Drive Marionville Road (Bisson-Gregoire)
March Road Laurier Avenue Mason Street
Marvelville Road Lavergne Street McBean Street
McCurdy Drive Len Purcell Drive McCordick Road (Century-Brophy)
Navaho Drive Maitland Avenue McCordick Road (Lockhead-Mackey)
Navan Road (Blackburn-Page) Mitch Owens Road McCurdy Drive
Navan Road (Mer Bleue-Trim) Montreal Road McLeod Street
Old Almonte Road Rideau Valley Drive North/Manotick Main Street Panmure Road
Panmure Road Rideau Valley South Marionville Road (Bank-8th Line)
Prince of Wales Drive Riverside Drive Mitch Owens Road
Ste Cecile Street Sherbourne Road Morrison Drive
Saint Joseph Blvd Tenth Line Road Othello Avenue
Saint Laurent Boulevard Woodroffe Avenue Parkway Road (9th Line-Yorks Corners)
Shea Road West Huntclub Road Parkway Road (Yorks Corners-Boundary)
Shillington Avenue Limestone Road Potter Drive
Terry Fox Drive Mackey Road Quigley Hill Road
Thomas A. Dolan Parkway Main Street Range Road
Upper Dwyer Hill Road Mccordick Road (McMullen Rd to Donnelly Dr) Renaud Road
Vanier Parkway Mccordick Road (Pierce Rd to Lockhead Rd) Richmond Road
Victoria Street McNeely Road River Road
Whistler Road McGibbon Drive Roger Stevens Road
William McEwen Drive Old Tenth Line Road Saumure Road
Pollock Road Slater Street
Quinn Road Southmore Drive East
Saint Laurent Boulevard Springfield Road
Second Line Road Saint Joseph Boulevard
Seneca Street Stonecrest Road (Kilmaurs Side-Galetta Side)
Stagecoach Road Stonecrest Road (Hardwood-Kilmaurs)
Standherd Drive Sunnyside Avenue
Tallwood Drive Teron Road
Thomas A Dolan Parkway Thomas Argue Road
Varley Drive West Hunt Club Road & Cedarview Drive
William Mooney Road Wilhaven Drive
Yorks Corners Road

For more information on how to take action towards implementing Complete Streets in your community, see:

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