Ally Activities

Across the city, we have many partners and allies working on environmental campaigns that synergize with our organizational goals. Some information about several of our partners and their activities are outlined below.

Ottawa’s Bird Strategy (Safe Wings Ottawa)

Birds are crucial to supporting Ottawa’s ecosystem health, but our bird populations are on the decline. Safe Wings has put together a booklet on the key strategies to protecting and restoring our local bird populations.

Respect our 40% Agreement (Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition)

The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition continues to support the City of Ottawa’s fight against ClubLink, Richcraft Homes and Minto Communities to defend the Kanata Golf Club lands from redevelopment. Their lawyers will augment and expand upon the City’s arguments, standing up for the thousands of residents who are passionate about saving 175 acres of green and open space. Learn more about this fight on their website.

Protect Gatineau Park (CPAWS Ottawa Valley)

Show Gatineau Park some love! Sign and share CPAWS Ottawa Valley’s NEW e-petition calling on the House of Commons to amend the National Capital Act to grant Gatineau Park the same protection as those afforded to our National Parks.

That includes boundaries recognized in an Act of Parliament, a management regime that puts the conservation of nature first and providing the park manager the tools it requires to properly protect the park’s natural and cultural resources.

Want to do more? Take a few moments to write a personal email to your MP and to the Minister responsible for the NCC, the Honourable Anita Anand ( to let them know the protection of Gatineau Park is important to you!

Canada Needs a Strong Policy on Nuclear Waste (Ottawa Riverkeeper – Garde-rivière des Outaouais)

Canada does not have adequate rules in place to manage non-fuel nuclear waste. This kind of waste is planned to be stored in the Near Surface Disposal Facility at Chalk River, on the shores of the Ottawa River and just upstream of our nation’s capital. Our federal elected officials are accountable for creating rules that will better protect the public and the environment. Ottawa Riverkeeper is asking the public to share their concerns by signing the petition and contacting their MP about this issue.

Protect Ottawa’s Greenbelt (CPAWS Ottawa)

The Canadian Parks and Wildlife Society (CPAWS) Ottawa Valley Chapter has a mission to protect the biodiversity of the Ottawa region and surrounding areas through legislation and public education. They have launched an important campaign to protect Ottawa’s greenbelt. Find out how you can take action to protect this cherished natural space by clicking here.

Make Room For Nature (Nature Canada)

Nature Canada is the oldest national nature conservancy charity in Canada. They have launched a campaign called Make Room For Nature that is a cooperative effort between dozens of environmental organizations across the country to protect natural habitat. Find out how you can contribute to this initiative here.

Park Month (Nature Canada)

We have also partnered with Nature Canada on a program to celebrate Ottawa’s urban parks and greenspaces. Find out more here.

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