Our Team

Version françaiseEcology Ottawa is run by a small team of staff and a dedicated volunteer steering committee, in addition to many hard-working volunteers.


Graham Saul – Executive Director

GrahamGraham is one of the founding members of Ecology Ottawa, and is the acting Executive Director of the organization. He was formerly the Executive Director for Climate Action Network Canada – Résau action climat Canada. Graham has more than twenty years of experience working on social and environmental justice issues. He has worked for organizations such as the South African Institute for International Affairs, Oxfam International in Maputo, Mozambique, and at the Washington, D.C.–based Bank Information Center. In the past, Graham also served as the international program director for Friends of the Earth Canada and Oil Change International. Contact Graham at graham.saul@ecologyottawa.ca


Robb Barnes – Managing Director

Robb Shoot-20170521- 0016
Robb Barnes is the Managing Director of Ecology Ottawa. Before joining Ecology Ottawa in 2013, Robb worked in the non-profit, public and private sectors. Robb brought campaign and policy experience to Ecology Ottawa from his time volunteering in political roles and working with various levels of government and non-profits, including Sierra Club Canada and Climate Action Network Canada. Robb is passionate about environmental issues, animal welfare issues and good music. Robb holds a Masters in Public and International Affairs, where he focused on the intersection of ecological economics and urban design. Contact Robb at robb.barnes@ecologyottawa.ca


Velta Tomsons – Living City Lead Organizer

Velta ThomsonVelta is a self-proclaimed life-long nature lover. Velta decided to take action to protect Ottawa’s environmental landscape in 2013 when she began volunteering with Ecology Ottawa. Now, with over 5 years of community engagement and public education experience under her belt, she is leading Ecology Ottawa’s Tree Ottawa campaign. Contact Velta at velta.tomsons@ecologyottawa.ca




Teagan Yaremchuk – Acting Living City Lead Organizer

EO Portraits-1Teagan is the Acting Living City lead at Ecology Ottawa. Teagan graduated from Carleton University in Environnemental Studies in 2016 and joined Ecology Ottawa as a volunteer in November of that year, during which she helped research clean energy stakeholders for a report commissioned by the City of Ottawa and organize Ottawa’s Inaugral Park Summit. Shortly after she became the Acting Living City Organizer and currently focuses mainly on Ecology Ottawa’s largest tree give-away campaign to help replenish Ottawa’s forest canopy. In her sparse spare time, she enjoys being outside hiking and biking, but any day outside is a good day! Contact Teagan at teagan.yaremchuk@ecologyottawa.ca



Anthony Garoufalis-Auger – Renewable City Lead Organizer

EO Portraits-9Anthony recently joined the Ecology Ottawa team as the lead Renewable City organizer after several years working on climate campaigns in Quebec. His work opposing the Energy East pipeline and helping found his university’s fossil fuel divestment group led him earn the Quebec Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal. Anthony spent the last year working on a volunteer basis with the Montreal Climate Coalition pushing the City of Montreal to adopt a carbon budget and science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets. He is a board member of Rapid Decarbonization Group, a Montreal-based climate advocacy group calling for policies in line with science-based reduction GHG targets for holding warming below 2ºC above the pre-industrial average. Contact Anthony at anthony.garoufalis-auger@ecologyottawa.ca


Vi Bui – Systems and Development Lead Organizer

10991061_10204638918630203_9143529498513488671_nVi is the Systems and Development Lead Organizer at Ecology Ottawa, and handles all things related to the databases and fundraising. Vi spent over 3 years conducting scientific research on the impact of climate change on plants, and completed a Master of Science in Biology. Passionate about protecting greenspace and fighting climate change, she is constantly inspired by the commitment and hard work of Ecology Ottawa volunteers, supporters and staff. Contact Vi at vi.bui@ecologyottawa.ca



Alex Lomax – Events and Development Organizer

EO Portraits-14Alex is the Events and Development at Ecology Ottawa. She is working on Ecology Ottawa’s EcoFest this fall, which will be the biggest annual celebration to date. Alex brings her extensive organizing and policy skills developed through years of public service in the non-profit and public sectors. Holding a BA in languages from the University of Hull, UK, Alex brings international communications experience having organized UK elections and Clean Energy Days for Ecology Ottawa.  Alex is passionate about community engagement and social development and strives to bring her passion into her work. Contact Alex at alex.lomax@ecologyottawa.ca



Rozenn Richardeau – Intern

profilRozenn is a Living City campaigner for Ecology Ottawa and has been working on the Great Glebe Green Garage Sale alongside with the tree campaign. She completed a BA in Political science in France and is passionate about sustainable development. As an intern from France, she has worked on translation to help make the organization more bilingual. In her free time she loves to hike and to camp, enjoying Canada’s amazing landscapes. Contact Rozenn at rozenn.richardeau@ecologyottawa.ca



Alexis Van Bemmel – Intern


Alexis is an Active City Campaigner at Ecology Ottawa, and is committed to sustainable endeavours. Prior to interning with Ecology Ottawa, she completed a BA in Geography and Environmental Sustainability, and a Masters degree in Geography, studying sustainable food and waste systems. In her free time, Alexis is an avid cyclist and camper, and enjoys being in nature. Contact Alexis at alexis.vanbemmel@ecologyottawa.ca




Matthew Brocklehurst – Intern

EO Portraits-10Matthew is currently an intern at Ecology Ottawa for the summer, focusing on communications and social media. He is working on designing and updating several informational pamphlets and materials, as well as creating videos, social media posts and resident photographer. Matthew has a BSc from University of Toronto in Life Sciences, and recently completed a graduate certificate program at Fleming College in Environmental Visual Communication, with skills in photography, video editing, design and communications for campaigns. In his spare time he loves swimming, reading and playing video games. Contact Matthew at matthew.brocklehurst@ecologyottawa.ca



Corinne Dunwoody – Intern

EO Portraits-8Corinne is a summer intern at Ecology Ottawa with the Living City Campaign, and is interested in conservation and solving environmental issues. Corinne completed a BSc at the University of Victoria with a major in biology and a minor in geography. With a passion for the ocean and all things marine, Corinne is interested in pursuing a career in environmental protection and sustainability. In her free time she can be found enjoying the outdoors or playing competitive ultimate Frisbee. Contact Corinne at corinne.dunwoody@ecologyottawa.ca



Darren Daniel – Intern

EO Portraits-3Darren joined Ecology Ottawa’s summer intern team to work on the Renewable City Campaign. He believes cities have the capacity to thrive off of renewable sources of energy and commit to change. He recently completed his BA in Environmental Studies at Carleton University. When not at the Ecology Ottawa office, Darren is often in the kitchen cooking and outdoors doing photography. Contact Darren at darren.daniel@ecologyottawa.ca




Stéphanie Gervais – Outreach Coordinator

477772_10151403692455508_576474055_o (1)Stéphanie is Ecology Ottawa’s Outreach Coordinator for the Tarfree613 campaign to stop the Energy East pipeline. Parallel to this, she is completing her PhD in Anthropology at Carleton University, researching the collaboration between Indigenous communities and Canadian settler organizations over resistance to extractive activities. She holds a Masters degree in Global Political Economy studying the relationship between international investment agreements and environmental regulations in the mining sector of Latin America, which has been published in three languages. In her free time, she loves to cycle, rock climb, and develop healthy vegan recipes. Contact Stéphanie at stephanie.gervais@ecologyottawa.ca


Angel Wen – Outreach Coordinator

Angel is an Outreach Coordinator for the Ecology Ottawa’s Renewable City Campaign. She is studying Environmental Science and Chemistry at Carleton University. She has been building her experience in the renewable energy field. She is passionate about connecting science and policy which lead her to volunteer and work in the policy and NGO sector outside of school. Contact Angel at angel.wen@ecologyottawa.ca




Kaila Wong – Outreach Coordinator
EO PortraitsKaila is a returning Outreach Coordinator for the Ecology Ottawa’s Living City Campaign. She recently graduated from Queen’s University with a double degree in Environmental Studies and English Literature, and is pursuing a Master’s degree at York University for Environmental Studies in the fall.  Her interest in environmental justice has led her to join Ecology Ottawa in hopes to connect with the environmental perspectives of everyday citizens. She is an avid reader, enjoys fencing, and plays various instruments in her spare time. Contact Kaila at kaila.wong@ecologyottawa.ca



Maureen Forrester – Outreach Coordinator

EO Portraits-4Maureen is an Outreach Coordinator at Ecology Ottawa for the Living City Campaign. She is a recent graduate of University of Ottawa in International Development and Globalization and is passionate about working through grassroots movements to make change for the environment. She has previously volunteered with Engineers without Borders and the Ottawa Food Bank which grew her passion for sustainability and systemic change. At Ecology Ottawa she is coordinating the CP Women’s Open Golf tournament’s Green clean-up volunteer team. Contact Maureen at maureen.forrester@ecologyottawa.ca



Michael Zheng – Outreach Coordinator

EO Portraits-13Michael is an Outreach Coordinator at Ecology Ottawa for the Renewable City Campaign. He is currently studying Environmental Science at the University of Ottawa. He is interested in multiple environmental issues, and finding ways for science to solve them. He was interested in learning about the political aspect of environment, which led him to an NGO like Ecology Ottawa. In his free time he enjoys being in nature, playing basketball, and playing video games. Contact Michael at michael.zheng@ecologyottawa.ca



Sampoorna Bhattacharya – Outreach Coordinator

EO Portraits-6Sampoorna is an Outreach Coordinator for the Ecology Ottawa’s Living City Campaign, specifically working on tree giveaway events management. She is a student in the field of History and Theory of Architecture at Carleton University. Her main passion lies in environmental, social and economical sustainability through conservation of historic buildings as well as implementation of green solutions and techniques to reduce the carbon footprint generated by buildings. She spends her free time sketching, painting and having inexpensive picnics. Contact Sampoorna at sampoorna.bhattacharya@ecologyottawa.ca



Brynley Hanson-Wright – Outreach Coordinator

EO Portraits-5Brynley is an Outreach Coordinator for the Ecology Ottawa’s Living City Campaign. She is going into her final year of the Integrated Science program at McMaster University where she is concentrating in psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour. Her passion for the environment and sustainability stems from a background of canoe tripping and exploring the wilderness. Last summer she spent 10 weeks paddling and promoting the Trans Canada Trail working as a trail ambassador for Path of the Paddle Association. Contact Brynley at brynley.hanson-wright@ecologyottawa.ca



Meghan Graham – Outreach Coordinator

EO Portraits-2Meghan is an Outreach Coordinator at Ecology Ottawa for the Renewable City Campaign. She is a masters student in Political Economy at Carleton University, studying food systems and environmental politics. She is passionate about grassroots organizing and the potential for engaged communities to bring about environmental and social justice. When she’s not at Ecology Ottawa, Meghan enjoys hiking, taking care of her many plants and drinking craft beer. Contact Meghan at meghan.graham@ecologyottawa.ca



Some of our volunteers

Nancy Biggs – Online and Active City Organizer

Nancy studied Biology at Carlenancyton University and has a graduate degree in Environmental Science from Monash University, Australia. Now retired, after 35 years in medical research, Nancy volunteers at Ecology Ottawa, helping with data entry and is involved with the complete streets initiative. She believes climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and that Ecology Ottawa, in striving to make Ottawa a more sustainable and livable city, will benefit current and future generations.


Heather Dunlop – Online Organizer

Heather has been a keen environmentalist from the age of 15 when she became involved with a local recycling program. To recycle glass, it first had to be colour sorted and then ground into cardboard boxes and trucked to the recycling depot where boxes of it (and hours of work) were exchanged for a few dollars. Although distracted by other pursuits (biology, nursing, library science), her love of the natural world was never far from the surface. Heather is an avid canoeist, naturalist, and would be gardener. She volunteers at Ecology Ottawa, helping with data entry, and is particularly interested in local initiatives to make it easier for people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle in Ottawa.

Steering Committee

Elizabeth Bernstein
Liz is the Executive Director of the Nobel Women’s Initiative. Previously, Liz served as coordinator of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and Make Poverty History Canada. She sits on the board of directors of Mines Action Canada and the Lowertown Community Association, as well as the Ecology Ottawa board.

Katia Gianneschi
Katia Gianneschi has over 25 years of experience as a communications specialist in human rights and development. Katia has provided strategic communications advice and media training to Oxfam Canada, the Canadian Council for international Co-operation, Make Poverty History and Amnesty International Canada, among others. Katia is a life-long volunteer. She was on the national executive committee of Amnesty International, part of the media team for the Ottawa United Way campaign and provided peer support at a second-stage shelter for women.

Pam Foster
Pam has worked for the United Nations Environment Program, Environment Canada, Friends of the Earth, the Halifax Initiative, and South Asia Partnership. Pam is currently director of campaigns and communications at the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. Pam is also the founder of Centretown Movies and the initiator of Imagine Ottawa.

Maureen Hollingworth
Maureen is a freelance editor and writer, with more than 30 years experience in international development, peace and environmental issues. Maureen is also a member of the Ecology Ottawa board of directors.

Stefan Reinecke
Stefan studied civil engineering at the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto. He was also involved in starting Ottawa’s first pilot-scale community fine paper recycling program. Stefan spent four years working for an environmental engineering company and he currently works with a sustainability consultancy in Ottawa.

Charles Hodgson

Charles HodgsonCharles began volunteering with Ecology Ottawa in the summer of 2011. He has been involved in many of Ecology Ottawa’s initiatives including monitoring City Council, researching the City of Ottawa’s stances and progress on a variety of issues, and writing Ecology Ottawa publications. As well, Charles has helped out doing technical work with our database and website. He is now working on the Climate Change campaign.

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