Alta Vista 15-minute neighbourhood workshop

We are joining Walkable Ottawa to hold a workshop to set out a plan to transition your neighbourhood into a Walkable & Complete Community and you are invited!

The workshop will take place on Zoom over two Saturdays:

Saturday March 20th 9.30am – 10.30am EST

Saturday March 27th 9.30am – 12.30pm EST

The purpose of the two-part workshop will be to identify and map the barriers to walkability in your neighbourhood, and the missing pieces required to make your neighbourhood a complete community. This is a grassroots process, intended to inform the City of Ottawa and the public on how this can be done. Together we can understand your neighbourhood and help plan an evolution to a complete 15-minute neighbourhood.

Simply RSVP today to receive the two Zoom links for each of part of the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

2 Comments on “Alta Vista 15-minute neighbourhood workshop

  1. Not enough input and questions from those who are retired and still living in single homes in the Alta Vista ward. We (I speak as an 85+ senior) can not walk very far on our tired old legs, so we can not walk back home with the groceries. The same goes for the younger families. Have you ever tried to walk there and back with two kids and two bags of groceries from the supermarket? Never mind on three bikes. 15 minute neighbourhoods are a dream for a few, not a reality for many. Who buys their groceries at Shoppers Drug Mart, where they are way over priced and have a very poor selection?

    • Thank you so much for participating in the Alta Vista 15 minute neighbourhood workshop and for your comments. We appreciate all the input you made into the process.

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