Ecology Ottawa update re: COVID-19

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, we have entered a period of crisis for our city and the global community as a whole.

At Ecology Ottawa, we’re monitoring COVID-19 developments and following all recommendations from Ottawa Public Health. Following these recommendations, our team has moved to an online work mode and we are postponing all public events until further notice. If you need to contact us, please connect by email (using or our direct email addresses), as our office line isn’t being regularly monitored at this time. 

As we watch the many disruptions to the normal patterns of daily life, we hold fast to the idea that bold preventative action taken now will pay off laterin the form of fewer cases, fewer deaths and less pressure on our health care system.

We are confident that Ottawans will rise to the challenge and band together in this time of crisis
. We can adapt and find strength in our families, friends, neighbours and communities. We can emerge with a better sense of what is possible when we rely on one another.  

We wish you and your loved ones well at this difficult time. Stay safe and healthy, Ottawa. 

Robb, Liza, Emilie, Isaac, Erik, Velta, Natasha, Elise, Léa, Jackie and the entire Ecology Ottawa team

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