Volunteer opportunities 2020

  • Are you bilingual? We’re looking for some keen volunteers (3-4) who will help us translate emails, blog posts and posters.
    • You can volunteer from home;
    • You can volunteer flexible hours;
    • You get to exercise your language skills!

Email emilie.grenier@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you keen to monitor City Hall? We’re looking for Council Watchers who will attend Council and Committee meetings and help produce monthly reports on the goings-on at City Hall.
    • You will stay current with policies shaping your city;
    • You will learn how the proverbial sausage gets made in Municipal Policy;
    • You get to meet other Council Watchers who are keen on what they do
    • You provide a valuable service to the community and help keep our elected representatives accountable

Email erik.pervin@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you an air quality geek? We’re looking for some mobile volunteers (20-30), or “Air Trackers”, who will take the streets and monitor Ottawa’s air quality.
    • You get to enjoy the great outdoors;
    • You get to complete your 4,000 steps a day;
    • You get to discover just how good (or bad!) our air quality is;
    • You get to contribute to making Ottawa a better city for all.

Email emilie.grenier@ecologyottawa.ca

  • Are you a data wizard? We’re looking for 2 to 4 volunteers who will help with data entering and management. It’s easy AND it’s fun.
    • You get to understand how our internal systems work;
    • You get to engage with our awesome team;
    • You get to enjoy our delicious tea while you work.

Email erik.pervin@ecologyottawa.ca

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