What can Ottawa do for better transit?

This year, we are asking Ottawans to use the transit system as their only means of transportation for one week in February – starting on Family Day and running from Monday, February 17, to Sunday, February 23, 2020. Do your best; if you can’t use transit for a specific trip, talk about it! The successes and failures are all interesting from the perspective of improving the transit system for all.

As with last year, if you are active on social media, we’d like to hear about your experience. Use the hashtag #TransitChallenge2020 or #défiTranspo2020. We will also ask participants to complete two short surveys (one mid week and one at the end) and we will release a report detailing the results shortly after the challenge ends.

We intend to compare the results from last year’s challenge to this year’s to see what has changed considering that the Light Rail Transit is now in operation. This is an interesting and informative way to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of our transit system as well as a useful method for decision-makers to experience some of the challenges that regular transit riders face. 

Please register for the challenge here: https://www.ottawatransitriders.ca/ottawa_transit_challenge_2020

We’re hosting a transit panel on February 13 to kick off the Transit Challenge… along with our partners Ottawa Transit Riders, Free Transit Ottawa, Healthy Transportation Coalition, and others!

Please register here

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