This is what community looks like

It takes a village, and Ottawa is one epic village! There are so many inspiring and influential organizations, businesses and communities out there, there’s no way you could have heard of them all.

Have you heard of Maker House? If not, you should check them out! Maker House sells all made-in-Canada gifts, home décor and solid wood furniture. Not only do they give great opportunities for makers to sell their wares, Maker House also gives back 2% of their sales to local not-for-profits and charities through their #CraftChange program. Ecology Ottawa was their #CraftChange partner from April to June 2019, and they raised over $4,200 for our tree campaign!

In true grassroots fashion, Maker House wants to connect local Ottawa organizations together to see where there are opportunities for collaboration. We were connected to Parkdale Food Centre, an amazing organization that works to provide fresh, local food to neighbours in need (visit their website to learn more). We were particularly inspired by Parkdale Food Centre’s efforts to engage youth and solve complex community issues.

With help from Maker House’s #CraftChange partnership, Ecology Ottawa and Parkdale Food Centre will collaborate around a workshop designed to get the youth of Ottawa involved with urban food forests and food production. We will cover topics such as fruit- and nut-bearing trees, local food gardens and community gardening. The event will provide opportunities for youth to get more involved with Ottawa organizations that deal with these complex issues. We will also purchase more fruit- and nut-bearing trees for distribution in communities across our city.

We are so excited to have been given this opportunity to work with both Maker House and Parkdale Food Centre. Our youth food event will be held in October, so keep an eye out for more details soon!


Velta, Kathleen, Ginette, Erik, Robb and the entire Ecology Ottawa team

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