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Are you environmentally minded, passionate about the parks and forests around you, and want to make a difference? Are you a new or committed volunteer looking to get involved with Ottawa’s local environmental organization? Then these opportunities are for YOU! 

Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to make Ottawa the GREEN capital of Canada. We have recently launched the Green Infrastructure and the Tree Give Away programs, both part of our Living City campaign.

Green Infrastructure volunteer

The Green Infrastructure program has been launched to develop living systems that slow down, soak up, and filer rain water where it falls, because Ottawa will be getting more rain events at an increased volume and our sewer systems were not designed to handle all this rain.

It wishes to educate Ottawa residents about green infrastructure, and get them to implement home level adaptations such as planting trees, installing downspout redirects and splash guards. Ecology Ottawa will be going door-to-door in the community of Britannia to do so.

If you are interested please contact Héloïse at

Tree Give Away volunteer

The Tree Give Away program aims to increase the scale and ecological diversity of the urban and rural tree canopy in Ottawa. This initiative aims to build a greener community in active efforts to protect, plant and promote trees in neighborhoods and green spaces. 

This year, we are distributing 12,000 local native trees to Ottawa area residents by participating in numerous events — festivals, fairs, community events or markets — starting in April, and giving away saplings to Ottawa residents across the City. 

If you are interested please contact Juliette at

If you want to make a difference fighting climate change on a local level, want to protect the environment and if you are motivated, please contact Héloïse at (Green Infrastructure) or Juliette at (Tree Give Away) and join our team!

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