It’s time for OC Transpo to go electric

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Ecology Ottawa is partnering with Healthy Transportation Coalition and the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa to launch a campaign to rapidly move Ottawa’s bus fleet to electric.

Worldwide and across Canada, cities are stepping up in the fight against climate change by integrating electric buses into their fleet. Within a few short years, Ottawa’s fleet could be fully electric. This not only helps in the fight against climate change, but can also save the city money while making the OC Transpo fleet cleaner, quieter and more reliable. It means cleaner air and better service for the residents of our city.

Leading cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Laval, Edmonton and Vancouver are already leading the charge. Let’s get OC Transpo and the City of Ottawa to follow suit!

We’re calling on Ottawa City Council to:

  • Run an electric bus pilot in 2020;
  • Introduce electric buses on regular service by 2021;
  • Purchase only electric buses starting in 2024; and
  • Move to a 100% electric bus fleet by 2035.


One Comment on “It’s time for OC Transpo to go electric

  1. We also need a bigger bus fleet so that using public transportation isn’t a last resort/can’t afford a car form of transportation. Nobody want’s to wait an hour for a bus only to feel like a sardine. The service needs to improve. I’ve been taking the bus for 20 years. I’ve started walking the hour and a half home from work because its quicker and less frustrating.

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