Wildlife Havens in Urban Spaces!

How can concrete, industrial spaces have any room for nature?

It’s possible. New York’s High Lane was transformed into a wildlife haven. So it’s very much possible to transform small pockets of free space into a flourishing haven as well!

Forest glades are popping up everywhere. They’re slices of forest space in urban landscapes. Places like the London Glades in the Hampton Court Flower Show mimic the forest floor, with mounds of rotting wood and tree waste to help mimic a real forest floor.

Other urban environmental havens are aiming to stimulate the senses by having an abundance of natural colours, scents, tastes, touches, and sights for people to enjoy. Fruits that are within easy picking, plants that are all edible, soft soil and different plant textures all allow people to interact fully with nature, no matter the size of the greenspace. The bustling colours of flowers and fruits combined with the natural aesthetics of untamed trees and bushes help make the haven pleasing to look at and experience, something different and wild.

For more information, go to this article: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-40508109

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