Wood Pellets: A (Lesser Known) Renewable Energy Source


The constant demand for energy has resulted in unsustainable methods of energy exploitation. The most common and well-known? Fossil fuels. But what if trees themselves could be used as an energy source to power our homes?

In Southern U.S., tree scraps are being collected, gathered and imported to Europe, where they are then burned as a source of renewable, electric energy. This act alone has doubled the demand for biomass exports from the States in a single year.

But this isn’t without controversy. Though burning wood pellets are seen as a renewable source of energy, the long stretches of time it takes for a trees to actually regrow makes this source only “renewable” for those with long-term vision. Additionally, forests themselves have been clear-cut in order to build power plants.

Climate impacts of this new energy source remains to be unknown. Further, the idea of harvesting trees only to ship them abroad to be used as energy has drawn scepticism amongst many people.

But as for now, wood pellets are considered an alternative source of renewable energy that will soon be making its economic debut and boom.

For more information, please visit this link: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/energy/2014/12/141208-wood-pellet-energy-boom-driven-by-exports/

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