Canada’s Forests: The Stats

Many Canadians are under the assumption Canada’s forests are being protected just fine in comparison to other countries.  But that’s far from true. We’re losing tons of trees to industrial practises, trees that won’t grow back for another 80 years, assuming trees were planted to make up for the losses.

The Boreal Forest alone is daily experiencing losses. These losses include:

  • 1125 football fields worth of trees are cut down daily in Quebec, according to Statistic Canada.
  • 90% of the forest has been clear-cut or fragmented by roads and other anthropocentric activities
  • Over 32 000km of logging roads intersecting onto Cree lands
  • 92% of critical habitats–habitats that are crucial to the survival of numerous species and ecosystems–have been disturbed, meaning the habitat is unable to sustainably support current populations of wildlife living there.
  • Of the entire forest of trees, only 5% of them in the commercial zones are actually protected.
  • As one of the largest carbon sinks in the world, the Boreal forest stores up to 200 billion tons of carbon, which thus makes the forest more prone to forest fires.


To read more about these facts, please click on this link:


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