Planting a Sapling

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Tips for Planting a Small, Young Sapling

When planting a tree, choosing a small, young sapling is generally your best bet.  These young trees are able to withstand the shock of being transplanted much better than an older, large-caliper tree. Although the guidelines for planting a young or older tree are similar, there are some minor differences that will determine whether your newly planted tree has a successful future!


1. Dig a hole two to three times the width of the root ball, or of the container the tree is currently in. The hole should be no deeper than the depth of the root ball/container.

2. Carefully remove the tree from its container. It is important to treat the tree gently: always carry the sapling by the base, at the root ball, and not the trunk. Before you place the sapling in the hole, you may have to loosen the roots a bit so that you can spread them out in the hole. Do this gently and carefully, and do not prune or cut the roots.

3. Carefully place the tree upright in the hole. Spread out the roots. Fill the hole with soil, and gently, but firmly, use your foot to press down the soil and remove air pockets around the roots.

IMPORTANT: No matter what size of tree you are planting, it is very important to not not bury the trunk. Burying the trunk by even just 2-inches will shorten the lifespan of your tree.

4. If the tree moves easily in its planting site, you should place 1-3 stakes in the ground and tie them loosely to the trunk to keep it steady. Remove the stakes once the roots grow in enough to keep the tree in place.

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