SAVE THE FARM – Protest to save our trees and greenspace

Join a group of impassioned Ottawa resident’s to protest the current decision to build the Civic Hospital’s new campus on the Experimental Farms.

On Saturday January 21st, at 11am, community members will meet in the Observatory parking lot (Carling and Maple Dr.) to protest this decision. If this development is approved, hundreds of mature and significant trees will be destroyed, trees that we will never be able t o get back.

Please join us, and bring your friends! If you can’t come, please spread the word about this event.

For more information please contact Maggie @ (613-730-4620)


Some background on the issue:

As most Ottawa residents are aware, the Civic Hospital has been hoping to rebuild its Civic campus for years, with a study finding that the land across Carling from the current complex is the most attractive spot. The NCC considered 12 potential spots, and much to all environmentalists excitement and surprise, they officially recommended the Tunney’s Pasture site. This decision quickly was contested by the Hospital and Politicians alike, and the NCC’s decision has been changed to the eastern chunk of the Experimental Farms.

To learn more about this process and some of the issues and opinions please follow the below links:

Coalition fights to save experimental farm in Ottawa



2 Comments on “SAVE THE FARM – Protest to save our trees and greenspace

  1. This is the same time and date as the Ottawa version of the Women’s March on Washington. Unfortunate scheduling conflict.

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