Tree with 40 Types of Fruit

One tree. 40 different kinds of fruit.

A professor at Syracuse University is creating stunning trees that bear up to 40 types of fruit. No genetic modifications required, it’s considered both natural and conservational.

How does it work? Basically, a sliver of the tree is cut off at a branch of a tree. Another branch from another tree is cut similarly, and it then is “grafted” to the first tree using special tape. This is done to numerous branches, until you have a tree with 40 types of branches sprouting from the trunk. All that’s left is to wait for the branch to properly merge, and voilà!

This tree serves both aesthetic purposes as well as conservational purposes.  Given their uniqueness, it’s also a perfect way opportunity to open the conversation to trees, tree conservation, and agricultural conservation. After all, curiosity is a powerful thing in human nature!

Wouldn’t it be neat to see these kinds of trees in Ottawa? A natural, multi-bearing fruit tree!

For the full article, please visit this link:

3 Comments on “Tree with 40 Types of Fruit

  1. Wow trees never cease to amaze me that’s why I love working with them. But seriously how much would someone pay for one of those bad boys!!

    • Agreed! Can you imagine the possibilities with this tree? Hopefully these trees will catch on, and we’ll be seeing them soon in Canada too!

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