Preserving and Promoting Wild Fruits in Sri Lanka


Hundreds of plant species endemic to Sri Lanka exist. These plants have been used for many purposes throughout generations, such as for the healing arts, and for strengthening building structures.

Unfortunately, knowledge of these plants is disappearing. Current generations are becoming more accustomed to modern technology and focusing less on nature around them.

Many species of plants in Sri Lanka are disappearing due to deforestation. As a result, the founder of the Native Forest Foundation has set up a plan to conserve and spread knowledge of native plant species. As part of the plan, Sunday Schools were chosen to carry out the task.

The NFF emphasizes the importance of practice in popularizing native plant species. Children would gain hands on experience in collecting wild fruits, breeding, and popularizing them to show the importance of conserving these plants.

This issue isn’t just in Sri Lanka. It’s happening all over the world. Just think of your own lives, and the plants that grow around you. How many can you name, and how many do you know can be used for medicinal or other practical purposes?

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Written by Mustapha Khalil

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