New Tree Protection Changes

Did you know that as of May 26th, 2016, new changes to protect urban trees have been implemented for the process of getting a distinctive tree permit in the city?

For years, urban trees have been needlessly destroyed by infill developers. However, the majority of those trees didn’t need to die; their deaths could have been avoided altogether had builders followed existing measures set to protect and care for them during pre-construction and post-construction. Many trees have been destroyed because because they’re stationed in no-man’s land between properties, and the developing companies have just bullied their way into cutting them down or refusing to take protective measures. These new requirements extend their protection of trees to trees growing on the border of two properties: there now must be a collaboration between the two sides, in which an agreement must be met between parties to either protect or remove the tree during development.

What does this mean for us? It means that our communities must remain vigilant when it comes to trees! Don’t think there’s nothing you can do if you see a tree marked for destruction. If a developing company tries to cut down a tree bordering your property, your neighbour’s, or the city’s, make sure they’ve taken the legal requirements and that the owners of both sides of the tree have consented to having it cut down, or are working together to protect it.

We can’t let developing companies roll right over us. We need to stand firm against trees, and now that the city is legally backing us up, it’s up to us to make sure companies are aware of it, and that we won’t back down to protect our trees.

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3 Comments on “New Tree Protection Changes

  1. City of Ottawa is destroying natural tree growing areas by mowing these areas all the way to the banks without any absolute reason for doing this. Check this area on the map in Orleans. Jeanne D’arc Blvd. close to Hunters run. West side of Jeanne D’Arc.

  2. Destroying trees that do not need to be replaced is a travesty. They give so much to our environment already. I am glad there are changes being implemented to ensure no abuse takes place.

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