We need your help! Ottawa’s Urban Forest Management Plan



Ottawa’s Urban Forest Management Plan – We Need You!

We have an opportunity to become a leader in urban forest management, but we need your help! The City had a successful public consultation surrounding the Urban
Forest Management Plan in November, but more needs to be done.The City will
receive the consultants first draft of their proposed plan in March, but the next public
consultation isn’t scheduled until September. We believe that this draft report should
be made public and that an interim public consultation period should be initiated in
order to make it a more open process. In order to make this happen we need the
support of you city councillors. We need you to write your councillors requesting more
openness and public involvement in the planning process!

Please click here for contact information on the mayor and city councillors.

Find your Ward and councillor using Ottawa Geo Maps. Input your address at the top
and click enter!

Below is an outline which you can email your Councillor making the above requests.

Dear Councillor {Councillor’s name},

As a local resident I am writing you to express the importance of the Urban Forestry
Management Plan. I applaud your efforts thus far on the decision to implement the
Urban Forestry Management Plan and the successful consultation process that was
done earlier this past fall. While I feel the city is heading in the right direction, I have
created a list of several actions that need to be made to make this process more open
and accountable:

  1. The city should make the draft plan available to the public (scheduled to be produced by the consultants by Spring 2016)
  2. The city should also organize an interim consultation window where the public
    has the opportunity for submission of input
  3. Create an agreement with the consultants on the terms of integrating feedback derived from the interim public consultation

By allowing more public involvement in the drafting process it better ensures that the
public’s concerns are better encapsulated in this very important document.

Thank you for hearing my concerns,
{your name}

For more information, please visit the Urban Forestry Management Plan page.

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